Unable to download RW app


What phone do you have? Galaxy S4
What plan are you on? N/A
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? N/A

Issue Description

I am trying to activate my husband’s phone however I cannot complete the first step of downloading the RW app from the Play Store because the system this old phone runs on doesn’t support the app. Is there a way to update the system without the app so I can get the app to activate his phone? It was an AT&T phone but I successfully unlocked it. Thank you.




Unfortunately, your husband’s Galaxy S4 is not compatible with Republic. You can find a list of compatible 3.0 phones here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help . I wish I could bring better news. Happy thanksgiving!

Oh, and if you are interested, I wrote a guide on Buying a Used Device for Use on Republic .



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