Unable to get cellular service while travelling although map indicates republic has coverage

I have a moto g7, My Choice + 1GB

Normally cellular works fine in my home area but have been travelling in Vermont and New England generally, and get no signal even in areas like Burlington VT which Republics map indicates have full coverage…

want to know if theres anything I can do to increase the chance of getting a cell signal ratherthan depending solely on Wifi. My wife also has Republic and she has more luck getting a signal

I used to live in NE, and we spent a lot of time travelling around, and Burlington was one of our favorite spots. I found that coverage was pretty decent in the major urban areas, but very hit-or-miss outside of them. My guess (and it is a complete guess) is that maybe you and your wife each have the SIM for one of the two carriers that RW uses. That would explain why she has different luck than you in getting a signal.

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Hi @davids.g3yqon Would you be willing to share the model phones each of you have and also on each phone open the Republic App, click the little gear at the top and then about. What does it says there on each phone for “SIM Type”?

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Hi @davids.g3yqon,

Please let us know which of Republic’s network partners yours and your wife’s phones are provisioned with. Here’s how to tell:

GSM = T-Mobile network
CDMA = Sprint network

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I have moto g7 … gsm TMobile

my wife has moto g6 also gsm tmobile

I dont get cellular even in downtown Burlington thats why it seemed that theres a problem

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