Unable to get new phone unlocked

I have been patient and nice. I am at the point now where I may never consider Republic again. The average time for a SIM Service Provider Unlock is 24-48 hours. I AM AT 192 HOURS!!! I do NOT have any other phone to use! 4 Days attempting to Activate a phone and 8 more now waiting on an Unlock so I can use my new provider. I am 8 days into my new cell plan that I cannot use and I have NO way to contact anyone via phone or text. I am not sure whether Republic Wireless Engineers are malicious or incompetent. I would like to believe they are just incompetent or perhaps there are only 3 of them. I’m not sure but either way, this is bad news for anyone using Republic Wireless. There is NO excuse for 4 days inability to activate a phone and certainly not 8 days to simply send an unlock. I am beyond angry. This feels more like a divorce then changing service providers. Shameful!!


Other than phones purchased on or after December 14, 2021, Republic phones are generally unlocked. What is the brand, model and generation of the phone you wish to use with another service provider?

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I purchased mine after the 14th Moto g stylus 5g

Hi @dominicr.b876qn,

If you’re willing to share a ticket number (nothing more), I’ll ask for some attention to your ticket.

The dilemma as I understand it is that in order for the unlock to occur, the phone must first be activated on Republic’s service. Are the timeframes you mentioned appropriate, no. For that I apologize on Republic’s behalf?

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The ticket # 2207797. That statement you made, from everything I read, doesnt check. The SIM Unlock is done via IMEI and can be done after leaving a provider that way. I hope you are incorrect because I dont think I have the Republic Wireless SIM anymore

Hi @dominicr.b876qn,

I have asked for attention to your ticket. Republic has advised its Ambassadors and Experts (I wear both hats) that phones must be successfully activated on Republic’s service before a carrier unlock is technically possible. I sincerely hope I’ve misunderstood what Republic told us or am otherwise incorrect.

I understand but how does a phone leave a provider on whose network it’s never been successfully activated? Or, am I misinterpreting when you say 4 days attempting to activate.

No. I never activated it. The phone was locked to begin with (activation or not). I didnt activate it because Republic Wireless said for 4 days that they could not do it…in fact the message telling me that I could came 2 days or so after I gave up and ordered the other service. As far as I can tell only a service provider (Republic in this case) has any reason to Lock a phone. your statement earlier:

“Other than phones purchased on or after December 14, 2021, Republic phones are generally unlocked. What is the brand, model and generation of the phone you wish to use with another service provider?”

infers that the phone since teh 14th come locked as opposed to the usual Republic Phones (Unlocked). The phone must have been locked as soon as I put the Republic SIM in (So I could activate it). It paired with that sim and now refuses any other by design. If it was locked by anyone else it would be Motorola. If that were the case though Republic would need to ask Motorola to unlock it. So Im pretty sure the lock is by Republic since Motorola isnt a service provider and I sure as heck wouldnt have locked it, before or after I gave up on Republic.

Thank you for your help. I hope it makes a differerence because I feel like I am being politely ignored.

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Hi @dominicr.b876qn,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our attention. As promised, Roland has escalated your ticket to make sure it is receiving the attention it deserves.

Please allow me to assure you that there’s no malicious intent here. We are experiencing an unusually difficult transition to our new 5.0 plans. You seem to have fallen victim to several of the issues we have experienced, including activation, number transfer, and unlocking the phones from our store.

For most of us at Republic Wireless, locked devices are a very new thing. This isn’t how we’ve done business in the past. So as we prepared for these changes we were advised, as @rolandh indicated, that a phone must first be activated before it can be unlocked. I’ve since seen conflicting updates on that matter, and I believe we will be able to unlock it for you without first requiring activation, given all the difficulties you have experienced, but this is something I will have to verify.

I will be glad to make sure each of these processes is handled to your satisfaction, though I cannot promise any of it can be done quickly, as we are experiencing several bugs that impact each process. I know that’s not the news you want to hear, as you’ve already been waiting a long time, but I also don’t want to promise something I can’t deliver. I understand this situation has left you unable to use your phone, and I’ll make sure it is handled as quickly as it possibly can be.


We are in a very similar boat and feel the same way.
We have been with RW for 7+ years and have never had a problem, until we bought new phones on the new website and tried to switch to the 5.0 plan. Our old phones on the old plan work still (thank goodness!), but we can’t activate our new phones, have been told conflicting information on unlocking the new phones without them being activated, have paid for our old plan AND the new plan, and our old phones are on their last legs. I’ve also been told there’s a bug so they can’t process returns or refunds. Awesome.
Hopefully we’ll be able to unlock our new phones and switch carriers soon. I’m not swearing off RW forever, but definitely until this mess gets cleared up. We’ve been dealing with this mess since before Christmas and I’m losing my patience quickly.
Anyway, just wanted to rant and let you know you’re not alone! Could you let me know if you are able to unlock your new phone without activating it with RW?


OMG! I am having the same problem! I can’t even get them to respond & it’s been since !2/20/21! According to the FCC, with whom I filed a claim, if one doesn’t have a contract, doesn’t owe the company money, & the phone is paid for, then they cannot lock the phone. There are no contracts with Republic, I paid for the phone ($323) & don’t owe them money, yet they locked it. I called over 10 days ago after filling several Help tickets, and the CSR at first said I had to own the phone for 12 months! (I’ve been with Republic since 2017). but then he went to talk to his supervisor, and said they would unlock my phone within 2 days - that was 2 weeks ago! Republic also charged me for two lines, not one, and they still have yet to refund me or respond to my request to delete one of the lines. I paid for 4 phone plans in 1 week = my original line, 2 5G plans & a T-Mobile acct I’m going to as soon as they unlock my phone, which I own. FILE A CLAIM WITH FCC & ATTORNEY GENERAL CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION OF YOUR STATE, + PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION OF YOUR STATE. I did. I hope they are fined millions for doing this to customers. Good luck.


@Surfelvis, even though I currently don’t have working service with Republic Wireless as a result of trying to move my Republic Wireless number to a 5.0 plan, and I’ll be flying to Phoenix tomorrow, I don’t wish that Republic Wireless is fined millions of dollars because of that. I had to go to go to Walmart this evening to get a temporary new number on a different carrier. Yes, it was an inconvience, but I do believe people at Repbulic Wireless are seeking to still work on the various issues concerning activation, which has given them an increased ticket load.

Maybe one of the ambassors will be able to at least help you with part of your issue tomorrow.


They have no right to lock the phones, & all they need to do is to flip a switch. I own the phone outright. If you sell a person a product, like a phone, or a service, like a phone service plan, and yet you know that you cannot provide service as advertised, & before purchasing the phone, he or she would not have made the purchase if he or she knew that the service could not be provided, that is called Fraudulent Inducement. Second, when you commit an act in violation of the law or regulations, that is still a violation of the law. Republic just keeps lying to me and other customers, is committing illegal acts to keep from having to refund money, and is ignoring the pleas and inquiries of said customers, that is beyond merely being swamped with Help ticket requests. This is the rule of thumb that I always apply - would you treat your own mother this way? Please file your claim with the FCC. Thanks!


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I understand you are having issues all over. I would like to point out that there are 3rd party businesses who do unlock phones. If you would get a contract with one of them it would at least remove those attempting to leave Republic off of your docket. Further, those who are actively trying to activate (IMHO) who are the most important users to you would then get all Engineer attention. If you are not willing to do that then you should look to alternatives such as hiring more people to get this done. We are now nearing the end of the 12 days of Christmas; it seems to me (based on the comments to my post) that your engineers need help. As an IT professional, I would say that this timeframe of failure is unacceptable.


Hi @surfelvis,

I truly understand your frustration, and if filing a complaint is the best way for you to deal with that frustration, then I won’t try to talk you down from that.

I do, however, want to assure you that we are trying our best to get all these things accomplished. No one is intentionally withholding your phone’s unlock from you. We’ve had issues arise that were unforeseen. It does sound like you got a very bad answer at first, as we definitely don’t make anyone wait 12 months to unlock their phone. Our agents are learning a lot of new things at once, and some have come from other companies that do have that requirement, and I think the one you talked to may have been very confused. It sounds like he took proactive measures to get you the right answer, though. Then he followed process which indicated we’d have the phone unlocked in just a couple of days. But that process broke down - that was not the agent’s fault or wrongdoing. The unlock process that was in place had an issue.
Let me double check your phone’s IMEI if I can find a ticket from you. I if I can’t, I’ll open one to follow up with you. Depending on what kind of phone you have, it may already be unlocked.

We’re also processing refunds manually, because processes there are broken as well. We’ll make sure you are made whole. It’s what we’re doing for everyone. No one has to threaten or file a complaint because we always do the right thing. It is taking a lot of time, that’s true, and it has been more difficult than it needs to be because of a lot of complicating factors, but we will get everything made right.

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Hi @dominicr.b876qn,

I appreciate your continued interest in helping us out with your technical expertise and advice. That’s very kind of you. I’ll be in touch in your ticket this evening with additional information about unlocking your phone.

Hi @TKA,

I’ve opened a Help Ticket on your behalf (after accidentally closing one you already had open, sorry!) to discuss getting your phones unlocked.

I’m sorry, but what you were told was wrong.

  1. Prepaid Unlocking Policy. Carriers, upon request, will unlock mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment, or usage requirements.

from: Cell Phone Unlocking | Federal Communications Commission

Prepaid carriers are allowed to sell phones locked, at or above retail, with no contract and are allowed to mandate up to a year of service to get it unlocked.

There won’t be fines for the locking policy as it is completely within the law.

This brings up an interesting point though, is Republic in violation of FCC policy to port over numbers within one day? Here is a link to the FCC order that is related:

All telecommunications carriers required by the Commission to port telephone numbers must complete a simple wireline-to-wireline or simple intermodal port request within one business day unless a longer period is requested by the new provider or by the customer.

I don’t know if this longer period has been requested but my port is now on day fourteen, far and above the time laid out by the FCC.

Ports from Bandwidth to AT&T or Bandwidth to another carrier don’t meet the FCC definition of “simple”.

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