Unable to get short code texts

What phone do you have? Moto X gen 1

What plan are you on? $25/month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data, talk, text

I am banking online and need to receive short code (from a 5 digit phone number) from the bank to verify identity. I used to recieve these texts but now am unable to receive these texts. I have called the bank, attempted to send a text to their 5-digit code help line and the text did not go through. The bank said that the problem is on my carrier line that is evidently blocking texts to/from these short-code numbers.


Which Bank?

wells fargo

Wells Fargo has stop sending to VOIP numbers (which Republic numbers are VOIP as that what the WiFi part of it’s WiFi 1st Hybrid VOIP with Cell Back up) due to the NIST policy recommendation (as provided in the linked blog post above)

the sad fact is a short code text is not secure or a valid form of identity proof

Of course the phone reps are going to say that. But it is 100% wrong.
Nothing to do with the carrier it self.

The reps really are not given any real information on their end, have no idea about VOIP vs non, and just assume that your end(carrier end) is the issue.

The fact is, Wells Fargo, and many other service, like Venmo, decided to not allow VOIP numbers, and in some cases, even Pre-paid based number in general.

Only thing u can do is do the call me option, or email u a code, if they support it.
Or, move to a bank/credit union that does work with VOIP.
I moved to Discover Bank and it is so much better offerings anyway.

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