Unable to make long distance calls


I have a motog5+ (so does my husband.). I have been unable to make a long distance call (on WiFi, from home) for over a week now. I cannot even call the “1-800” number. I get either a hang up or an odd busy signal. I have tried from my husband’s phone, too. Same result. Please advise. Thank Y


Republic is having an outage right now.


Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Let’s wait until the current outage (which just began this afternoon) is over, and then try to troubleshoot with you.

I do notice that you mentioned 1-800 numbers, but you would not need to dial the 1 from a cell phone.


Thank you


I have been trying to call 2 particular numbers since Nov. 20. I just tried the 800 number today. I did not know the “1” wasn’t necessary from cell phone.
I don’t think the numbers I’m calling are bad–if that’s how you would say that–I have received them from two different sources. Once from a phone call, then later in an email.

Thank you for your prompt response.