Unable to make outgoing calls via cellular - help

What phone do you have?
Moto G5 plus

No issues with outgoing or inbound calls on wifi.

Can receive inbound calls fine on cellular .

Good cell signal (LTE 80% of full).

Getting fast busy on all outgoing calls via cell.

Not location sensitive – tried at three separate locations where I have had no issues in past (with LTE at 75%+ at each location)

Zipcode: 94121 (San Francisco)

Did the easy stuff - reboot the phone, refresh activation, etc.

Issue Description

Hi @susand.22llon,

Welcome to our member Community, though I’m sorry to see your first post is for such a significant issue. You’ve done a great job providing details.

Could you please see if this article helps?


Thank you southpaw…you rock. Resolved the issue on your first try. Please make your help support team aware of this issue as I have wasted two days and about six separate e-mails on a help ticket ( 1781463).

I made the mistake of opening up help ticket and not checking the forum until this morning – I incorrectly assumed that help support would know the best answer. Alas now I know that the forum is the best place to start…

BTW tons of frustration with lots of wasted time dealing with support. Suggested different silly boiler plate things they asked I do that did not resolve the problem (reboot, refresh activation, signal strength, reset SIM card, send them three different screen shots, etc.). Their last stab was “bad SIM card” after six other useless suggestions.

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Hi @susand.22llon,

I’m sorry to see that the Help team went down a different path to try to resolve this issue. I’ve let them know the article I shared has cleared it up for you. Thanks for following up here to let us know.

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