Unable to make/receive calls on cellular network


What phone do you have? Pixel 2 XL

What plan are you on? My Choice (3.0)

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes. 2 GB data, <400 mb used.

Issue Description

I am unable to make/receive calls on the cellular network beginning this morning at 8:45 AM. I can still send/receive texts. When calling out, I get the following RW message, “Thank you for calling RW. All of our current and new customers are supported through our on-line website found at www.republicwireless.com. For support click help or community at the top of the web-page…” (male voice).

When a caller tries to call me, they get the following message, "the person that you are calling cannot receive calls at this time. Please try your call again later. (female voice). I live in the 850 area code, North FL - affected by Hurricane Michael. I’m in Leon County which has had services restored for almost two weeks.

I’ve recycled the power twice. I’m using Android Pie. I’ve been all over town with the same results. I ran the diagnostic and it seems to be an issue with the mobile network since I can make calls when in WiFi. I’m wondering if there’s a network outage right now? Thanks!


I would Open a Ticket with Republic (if you haven’t already)


Hi @earlc,

This is an issue that requires support assistance. Please open a ticket and let the support team know the exact recording you are hearing, and please also let them know a time it will be convenient for you to have the phone on Wi-Fi.


I’ve opened a ticket. Thanks!



Can you let me know a time when it will be convenient for you to have the phone on Wi-Fi? I’ll add that to your ticket.


Unfortunately, I won’t be back in WiFi until 5:30 PM Eastern this evening.


Thanks, I’d added that detail to your ticket.


Hello Southpaw,

I’d like to add that the cellular signal icon does show LTE, but there is a very small “X” in the corner of the icon.

Also, when calling to my mobile, the message states in full, “The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.” (female voice). Then immediately after on the same message, " We’re sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try your call again later. Message F-L 145-55 or A-L 135-55, or C-A 195-55." (male voice). Then the same female voice comes back on and is cut off midway through the sentence. Lastly, my own voicemail message comes on and callers can leave me messages. I get the vmail notification.

It also looks like I be able to connect to WiFi until very late tonight. If that’s the case, I will grab a personal hotspot to connect to and notify you when that will occur. Thank you!


I won’t be able to correct to WiFi until very late…


Hi @earlc,

That’s fine, we have technicians available at all hours. Please be sure to update your ticket when you do have Wi-Fi available.

In the meantime, one other troubleshooting step you might try is reseating the SIM card. Once you’re on Wi-Fi, please update your ticket (not this Community topic) to let our technicians know.


Thank you! I’ll update that I’m able to send/receive calls again. Thank you!


For what it’s worth I’m in south florida, and am having the same issue since yesterday, opened a ticket as well.


Hi @damaged,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and it doesn’t appear to be the same issue. Are you also receiving the “Thank you for calling RW…” recording when you try to make a call? And are inbound calls also hearing the message saying, “the person that you are calling cannot receive calls at this time. Please try your call again later”?

If so, I’ll update your ticket with this information, as it is very valuable to understanding the issue.


Open a ticket and the technicians can reset your phone remotely. It solved my issue.


Yes the recording i get when outcalling from the cell (no wifi) of was a man with a deep voice with that thank you, goto our website message, when someone CALLS me, it’s a woman saying the customer cannot accept calls at this time. So it sounds like the same issue.


Thanks, one’s been open since yesterday.


Thank you, I’ll make sure the team is aware. They were troubleshooting something quite different.

Do you have Wi-Fi available now?


Yes, and most of my clients have me setup with wifi, so my google voice number works over wifi to make calls, but cannot receive them even with wifi…


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