Unable to make WIFI calls - WIFI data is working


I just received confirmation from my son that the picture was received that I sent with Republic Anywhere from my phone.


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Thanks. The additional information is helpful.

I’m not quite understanding what the digits at the beginning of your sister’s E-mail might have meant. I tried to call you myself some time ago and got your voicemail.

When you called, did you leave a voice mail message? If so, I do not show receipt of a message!

No, I didn’t leave a message! I just wanted to see if inbound calls were reaching you!

I may not have phone service at present, but I do have this view…

Remember - ‘The Bridge to Success is never Crossed Alone!’


Well the white arc has returned to all three phones. If the condition returns I will reboot the router this evening.

The additional information provided by the Republic Notification can often be helpful in determining network problems … Arc (fill/no fill), color and verbiage
These states are documented here

John in St. Lucia. Last night I logged into a different WiFi connection and guess what - The phone app started working. This was after I had used Whatsapp to make a voice call which worked just fine. Then I logged back into the network where I am staying and the phone connection is working fine once again. Not sure what the deal was yesterday…Thank You Jben and Southpaw for all your assistance in this matter. Hopefully it will not repeat itself. Have a wonderful day!

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