Unable to pair Moto G4 to Bluetooth

Bluetooth Disconnected: Can’t pair Moto G4 to Stereo. I’ve turned the Bluetooth on, off, and back on again. Unable to pair to my home stereo. Each time I check back to settings, it shows “Bluetooth Disconnected.” … My other phone (Moto X4) pairs to my Bluetooth with no problems. //Confused senior//

Hi @reginaldr.nvec1v,

Could you tell us what steps you’ve taken other than turning Bluetooth on, off, and on again, and on which thing (phone or stereo) you’ve done those steps?

It’s likely you need to put the stereo into pairing mode so the phone can find it, and then manually pair them the first time before they’ll connect each time they meet.

Do you have a user’s manual for the stereo?

Hi, I only turn the Moto G4 Bluetooth on, and attempt to pair it to my Philips soundbar stereo, which I put in the Bluetooth mode. The pairing of the Moto G4 to the soundbar fails. I have no problem pairing my Moto X4 or my Moto G3 to the soundbar. Only the Moto G4 fails to pair. I do not have a user’s manual for the soundbar.

Hi @reginaldr.nvec1v,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I wonder if these instructions are the right ones for your stereo? https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/files/h/htl5140b_12/htl5140b_12_dfu_aen.pdf

I notice it says:

If you want to connect your SoundBar with another
Bluetooth device, press and hold on the remote
control to disconnect the currently connected
Bluetooth device.

Could it be that the X4 and G4 can’t be paired at the same time?

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