Unable to perform a factory reset on my Samsung S7 Edge

Hey folks,

Getting rid of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and want to sell it. I’ve closed the gmail account I used to register my Samsung account, and have forgotten the password. I’m apparently unable to reset my password since I no longer have access to the email it would go to. I am trying (apparently unsuccessfully) to have Samsung support send me a password reset option to my current email.

If I am not able to retrieve/reset my password, how might I perform a factory reset on my phone so I can wipe my personal info and sell it?


Hi @bend.v679p2 and welcome to the Member Community. I’m not exactly sure what steps you have taken or where you are in the process. Hopefully you still have access to the phone settings which is the most popular way to do the reset. Here’s a document with some helpful information.

There is some good information about the impact of the “kill switch” regulation that protects consumer’s information from lost or stolen phones (see section with red text). After reviewing this section, scroll on down to the “How to Perform a Factory Reset via the Settings Menu” and there is a link with more specific information for the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Hopefully this will help. Maybe others with more knowledge about the Samsung Galaxy phones will jump in too!

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Hi @bend.v679p2,

Which password is it you’re trying to reset. A Samsung account? A Google account? The password for the lock screen on the phone? Something else?

In any event, do these specific instructions work:

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