Unable to pull up websites on cell service

I am getting increasing more frustrated do to the the fact I can not pull up websites while on cell service. If on WIFI these site come right up. I have 3gb of data plan with a 2gb warning set. Not once have I receive a warning of using too much data. Cannot use data if it does not work. I have a Moto G play phone.

Here is a Help Artice that sounds like it covers the problem you’re having Can't Call, Text, or Use Data on Cell – Republic Help
The * Unable to use cellular data* seems to apply to your problem, go through this and holler back if you need additional help

Hi @nrozett,

You might also check these settings:

A check of the code level that your Moto G Play is probably on indicates it’s 9.0.
This is where you would find the info on: How to Confirm Basic Network Settings on Google, Motorola, and Nexus Phones Running Android Oreo and Android Pie – Republic Help

Hi @jben,

I appreciate your attention to detail. I took a peek at this member’s account before I posted, in order to make sure I sent the right instructions. Unless he is referencing another phone on another account (which is very possible) the instructions for Nougat are what he needs.

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Thank you for the advice. I went through my phone and all the sliders are in correct position. I also updated as suggested. I am currently on WIFI so unable to test functionality, but will when I am out and about. Again Thank You

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