Unable to Send or Receive Pics

What phone do you have?
Samsung Galaxy S8
What plan are you on?
My choice
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1gb data

Issue Description

New to me phone, unable to send or recieve pics. Wonder if correct Republic access point is selected, Memphis,TN what Republic access point should I be using? Keep getting " error network:

Hi @elizabethm.x6metm and welcome to the Member Community. What text app are you using?

See if this helps – Can't Text on Samsung Galaxy Phone – Republic Help

You say it’s a new to me phone. Assume you did not get any error messages when you activated the phone on the RW network on your account.

Not sure what you mean by “correct Republic access point is selected”. Are you getting any error messages or notifications?

Had to get a new sim card from Republic, everything seemed fine, but not able to sen or recieve text pics

using text app mms

Hi @elizabethm.x6metm – The Samsung stock messaging app is not supported by Republic Wireless. Have you installed and tried Google Messages?


Changing text app fixed the problem, thank you so much for your help!!


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