Unable to send/receive SMS texts: Samsung J3

For whatever reason, it seems like the issue can be resolved by disconnecting from Wifi then reconnecting. Why? I have no idea…Any settings that can/should be tweaked, please let me know.- Thanks!

Using Samsung J3

Google Messenger app

All applicable apps updated

I’m unable to download Incoming SMS texts for hours (if at all) and currently unable to send an a SMS text to my husbands Samsung J3.

I went through a number of steps listed on a doc to troubleshoot texting issues, but many of the directions included references to GUI buttons/options that do not exist on this phone/apps. Is there an updated help/troubleshooting doc for the J3?

Also, I see there are MMS text issues. Are the MMS issues also affecting SMS texts?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dawnf.dqygqa

There seems to be an issue with texting…Republic Wireless Status

There might be a bigger issue at hand though…MMS messages are delayed/not sending

Edit: For what it’s worth, just tested RW to RW (X2/J3) and both text and MMS worked instantly.

Thanks for the response @c1tobor and letting me know you are able to text RW to RW.

Hopefully the issue is resolved today. Text working so far…

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