Unable to send/receive Text on Nexus 5X outside of home WiFi

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Issue Description

I am getting an error message as soon as I step out of my house (meaning my home Wi-Fi range) saying “Voice Calls Only. Something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless Network. Calls over cell only. No access to cell data, messages or voicemails.”.

I have no data plan and have only Call and Text plan. My Republic App version is
My Android version is 8.1.0.

I have tried to restart the phone many times. I have made sure the Republic App version and Android version are current. But the issue still persists.

I have found that when I turn ON the Cellular Data, I see the text message goes through.
But I don’t want to use cellular data for sending texts, because I am not planning to use data plan.

How do I resolve this issue?

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Mobile data must remain on (when away from wifi) in order to use the phone and the R.W. app and services to work correctly, regardless of only having the base $15 Wifi plan.

SMS/MMS on Republic uses the mobile data connection to send and receive text messages when not on wifi, but this data does not use any of your alloted mobile data(even if u have a data plan.)
Keeping mobile data on(as well as the Roaming data option) should alleviate this message.

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Thanks for the quick response and clear explanation. This change resolved my issue.

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