Unable to set up emails on new phone

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Issue Description

Purchased a new Samsung A32 phone from Republic and copied the apps, contacts and such from my Moto E4 plus. I have my choice plan. The phone is not yet activated. I have not been ableto set up any email accounts. I have a few yahoo accounts and one charter account. I have tried several email apps. Each time I get that the email and password do not match. I set up the charter manually to enter the correct user and port numbers. I have had several Motorola and Samsung phones as well as several laptops, desktops and tablets and not had this issue. I am about ready to return the phone.

Hi @mechanics200

Please try using the Yahoo Organized Mail app for your Yahoo email addresses. Here is a link to the app in the Play store:

I suggest just setting it up for one Yahoo email address and then trying that. If it works, you can try adding more Yahoo accounts.

Charter does not provide an email app so this one can be a bit trickier. If you can’t get the Yahoo app to work with Charter, you could try Gmail.

Please let us know if this works for you.

I was able to set up my existing yahoo account using this app but not the Charter. When I try I get a code via my yahoo account which I use. I get a note in the app showing my linked yahoo accounts asking me to pick one. When I do that it just takes me to the yahoo account. Under accounts I have option to add account which I use for OTHERS. When inputting my charter email I don’t have the option of a manual setup since often I need to change the port numbers. Thus it comes back with “problem adding to account”

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Did you also try setting up your Charter e-mail in the Gmail app?

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I was eventually able to set up everything but Charter. I have had several phones,tablets and computers with that email so I really don’t know what is up with this Samsung phone. My wife has an A11 which was not a problem. Thanks for the help.

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