Unable to text pictures over cell


What phone do you have?

Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on?

My Choice +1 GB

As of yesterday, I wasn’t able to access the Republic app when I wasn’t on WiFi. My voicemail would not come through and I couldn’t send pics through text messages. While on WiFi, all seemed to work as it should.

As of today, when I turn the WiFi off, it appears that I can access the Republic app, but I still can’t send pics.

I haven’t downloaded the pending software update yet and I’ve already rebooted twice.

Any insights would be appreciated.


Please check in Settings that Data and Data Roaming are turned on.

Try Clearing Android System Cache, let’s see if it clears up the issue:


There is currently a known issue with sending MMS over cell if you have GSM coverage.

If you have GSM coverage…
Please open a ticket and reference Ticket #1504994 in the title.


I tried the first solution - clearing cache did not work and it appears that data is turned on.

I tried to research the game thing, but am.coming up short. I bought the phone from republic, which seems to mean that it would not be game, but maybe I am mistaken?


Having the same issue. The cache clearing had no effect. I have reset all network settings and have the latest version of the republic app. App is also not able to calculate data usage at present as well. Restarted phone about ten times. No change. Please help.


@myes See two posts above your post.


How do you know if you have GSM coverage?


Open Republic app :rw_3: then go to the settings tab [:settingsicon: in upper right], then about the SIM type will be listed a few lines below the phone number


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