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Activated my phone about 10 hours ago and still unable to text. I saw that it may take up to 72 hrs before texting works. Should I just wait or is there something I should check to be sure it’s set up correctly?

You should be able to text right away. However, it may take some time for text messages to get to you from a previous carrier if you have transferred your phone number to Republic from an another carrier.

Republic phones need to have cellular data turned on in the phone settings menu, including data roaming, for texting to work correctly when not connected to WiFi. So if you are located in an area with weak cell reception and not on WiFi, that could cause a problem.

SMS (Text Messaging)

I would open a support ticket located at the bottom of the help page and use the chat line to get help in making sure your phone is set up correctly if you are still having issues.

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Hi @michaelr.jw7emv,

Before opening a support ticket, please read through our Troubleshooting Texting Issues. It may be something as simple as switching to the correct messaging app.

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