Unable to use data

I am also unable to get any response and am similarly unable to use my phone. I am an existing customer and have not changed my plan, but my connectivity issues started about the same time as the rollout of the new plans.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve spent the last three or four days trying to figure out why my phone only sporadically works off wifi and now I have my answer.
I did not get my answer from RW customer support, to whom I’ve submitted 3 help tickets on this. The first one was closed after a couple of days when I didn’t submit a reply immediately (because it briefly seemed as though the issue had resolved). The other two (or maybe it’s even three now) threads I’ve started under the ‘help ticket’ option all get marked as closed or resolved within hours or minutes, despite 0 communication from RW on any of those threads. In my first, I asked if there were any known ongoing or connectivity issues and was instructed to uninstall and reinstall the RW app, which did not help and now certainly seems disingenuous given all this. I don’t particularly want to pay more to a traditional cell provider, but at the moment I essentially have a very small laptop which I can only use at home, and no phone. I’m curious to see how easily I’ll be able to transfer my number to a new carrier, given the issues RW is apparently having transferring numbers within its own network.
Oh, and I’ve been on hold for 21 of what I assume will ultimately be many, many minutes in hopes a live person will help resolve this for me, but I seriously doubt it.

For funzies, this is what my Help Center account looks like. I’ve still not reached an actual person, either through Help Center or on the phone, 40 minutes in and 30 minutes ahead of when their CS hours close. At this point, when they answer, I’ll be asking them about getting a refund for this month’s service while I look through how-to guides on transferring my number to a new company.

Just FYI, opening up multiple tickets is not a good idea. The agents end up having to merge them together when this happens. I can certainly understand your frustration, but, for future reference, opening up multiple tickets isn’t the best path forward :wink: .

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I do understand, but proceeding via reply to the original ticket seemed only to result in the ticket being marked as resolved repeatedly. I eventually decided if I opened multiples, one might reach a different agent who might look at the other threads instead of just closing.

What happens is that staff will go ahead and merge the tickets so there can be a focused response. Unfortunately, all you see on your end is that it looks like they closed your tickets without their being resolved. Worse, it can even push you lower in the queue so it takes longer for you to receive a real response.

Just continue to respond to the open ticket. That’s the best way to get help.


That makes sense, thank you!

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Hi @nataliev.gfukwr,

I replied in the other topic where you posted about this. I will take care of it early during business hours tomorrow. I’m very sorry our Help Team has not been able to resolve the issue for you. It is a very unusual situation that defies our normal troubleshooting steps.

Hi @nataliev.gfukwr,

I went ahead and stayed up until the carrier maintenance ended so I could look into your issue. Everything about your service line looks good on the carrier subscription, so it’s not the easy fix I was hoping for.

I see that your ticket received a reply from our Help Team earlier tonight. Please try the troubleshooting steps they recommended, and let them know if those helped. I’ve also left them one additional suggestion they may want you to try. If the problem continues, please ask them to research whether there is a tower outage in your area.


I must be dense. I have been paying for 1 GB cell data per month yet when not on wifi I can NEVER connect to the internet so I virtually never use ANY cell data even when I WANT TO. Use Facebook? CAN’T! No Internet?

What am I doing wrong? Or should I save $5/month since cellular data is NEVER available to me?

I hope for your sake you didn’t prepay for it like I did. I closed my account with Republic nearly 3 weeks ago after I was unable to get any useful response from customer service. I’d paid up for service through the spring/summer of this year, and it turns out they will not issue refunds. I’m sure I was warned about this ahead of time, so it’s fair enough, but it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind at the time I cancelled and I wish now I had not taken that payment option.