Unable to verify Twitter. Unable to use Google Voice?

I’m trying to verify Twitter with my phone. Apparently Twitter will not send a code to my Republic Wireless phone. And I read in the forums that Google Voice is the alternative that worked.
Except I can’t get Google Voice to activate with my Republic Wireless phone…
Why? And what method can I use at this point?

Correct, and their support is useless.

This is usually caused by the number having been used to claim too many Google Voice numbers (these days 1 is too many). The only fix I’ve seen is to either try another number or there is a Google employee that is frequently in the GV subreddit who can reset people’s numbers for them.

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If there is no solution then I have no choice but to switch to another carrier for both of my phones. Republic has been the main pain point since upgrading my devices and entering the new contract. From endless spam calls to the inability to do simple tasks like verify accounts. That’s a real shame too because I’ve been happy with the service up until now for some 5+ years.

Until then I will continue looking for a method to fix these issues, and if I find any I’ll post about it for others. But this is really disappointing.

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