Unable wifi calls in Central America



Moto G5+
My Choice + 1GB

When trying to call when on wifi at hotel, I get the message:
Reset Device
Warning: SCRTN will execute the following operationand reboot phone., are you sure to continue? Reset the MDN to factory default
Reset the MSID to factory default
Reset the Slot 1 NAI to factory default
Reset the Slot 1 NAI password to factory default
Cancel OK
I can receive calls back to the USA but can not call out. Texts can be sent.
What can I do?


Don’t know if this will fix it, but, you can try a VoIP reset. While connected to WiFi with internet access, open the dialer app and key in *#*#8647#*#* . The numbers will disappear and the phone will reset it’s RW “credentials”. Restart the phone and try making a call. Let me know if this works.


You may unfortunately be trapped in a loop of the phone wanting to reactivate but being unable to because there’s no cellular access. This is one of the reason there is a recommendation to put the phone in airplane mode before leaving the country so that the cellular radio is disabled and doesn’t try to find a cell signal and get confused.

I’ve seen this issue a few times, and I’m not aware of a good solution to the issue.


Hi @johnk.jwi3x3,

There’s the possibility but not the guarantee placing your phone in Airplane mode then manually reenabling WiFi will break the cycle and allow for making WiFi calls.