Unauthorized phone cancellation


What phone do you have? samsung galaxy s8
What plan are you on? choice plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? choice plan talk and text +1GB

Issue Description

recently switched over to choice 1GB plan with new samsung galaxy s8 phone on 12/16/17. everything went smoothly with billing and transfer but today, 12/27/17, i receive notifications from republic wireless that my account was cancelled without my authorization! i reactivated my phone to realize it is a completely different number! how do i get my old number back? and how could this happen? any suggestions would be helpful…and still waiting for the help ticket…


Hi @susanb.sah3pb,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and it is in the right queue. Someone will work with you there to get this answered and taken care of.


thank you so much!


You’re welcome. One of our specialists is researching your situation now.


wow. lesson learned. i was thinking about switching to sprint but never activated their phone and decided to upgrade my service with republic wireless instead. just the inquiry even without activated had my number already ported to sprint, hence my republic wireless service getting automatically cancelled! thank you so much for resolving this issue and i shall never leave republic wireless!!!


Thanks for the follow-up @susanb.sah3pb.


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