Unblock a phone number



Hi, apparently I must have blocked a number. I now need to have that number send a text to me in I am not sure how to reverse it. Any help? Thanks!!


Hi @michaelc.wcpffe

I would check the settings in the dialer you are using.
For example I can find the numbers I have blocked by going to the google dialer (my dialer)> settings>blocked numbers.

If you can’t find it, write back with your phone make/model and the dialer you use. It can help with the diagnosis.


You say apparently, you which leads me to believe that you’re not getting texts and think blocking may be the issue. It may be, but maybe not. Is this a text from a bank or a similar type vendor?


i can’t seem to find it. I have a motog4 plus. i am not sure what dilar i am using. thanks


i get text from lots of people, but the irs is trying to send me a verification code via text, but it does not go through. not sure why.


This past post explains the issue you are facing.
IRS Verification Fails


thanks. i will check it out.