Underlaying sprint number getting spamed hard -- how to control sprint spam

I’ve had my underlying sprint number for about 3 years maybe more. I am still getting calls/texts for the original sprint owner of that number (Texas) but the spam calls from it have increased substantially in the past weeks. The republic spam filter is useless as it is not blocking the sprint number spam. What can I do the eliminate spam calls to this sprint number? Thanks

Hi @blackdog and welcome back to the RW community.

Please submit a ticket and request RW to change your underlying Sprint number.
There is no charge for this change.

Thanks amitl – don’t feel like I left the RW community just haven’t been around because things are working well :wink:

Can republic guarantee me that it will be a “new” number and not a recycled one? When I got this number it took about 1 1/2 years for the personal and local call traffic to drop. But I still get periodic dentist, eye doc, collection, etc calls. Who ever had this number prior to me left with no forwarding info to the businesses and friends that are still looking for them. Another recycled number could be worse as I’d have to break it in again. Thanks

Short of a brand new exchange being opened up, which is something far beyond Republic’s control, there is no such thing as a brand new number. Effectively, all telephone numbers are recycled. The best one may hope for is one with a less colorful history. It’s worth the shot.

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