Underlying Number for Samsung S10 app not working

I downloaded the Quickshortcutmaker app onto my new Samsung S10 phone so I could find the underlying number (unwanted calls). When I get to the point of Settings, Managed Device Info, the Try does nothing at all. I tried evey choice under Settings and none of them provide the information needed. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is a discussion comment that fellow Ambassador @rolandh has provided that may help

Where do I find Signal check pro? Don’t find it on google play store.

Okay, reading on, I just do not understand it, so I am going to say forget it. If it is this difficult to find such a thing, it is ridiculous.

I found it by following the link that was provided

Not paying for something I should not have to pay for in order to find what my number is. But thanks.

I just installed SignalCheck Pro, got my underlying number and then uninstalled it within the 2-hour window for a full refund.


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