Underlying number showing up when texting

When texting with my son (who is also on Republic Wireless) gets texts from me (only sometimes) from me that shows my underlying number not my RW number. For example I texted my son the other day and it came through just fine, but today it shows my underlying number?? This also happens to people randomly on other carriers not all the time just once in a while. Has anyone else have this happen?

What phone do you have?
If it is a Samsung, the default Samsung Messages is not compatible with RW service and woudl result in this issue.
Install and use Google Messages and set it as your default messaging app.

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We all have Motoralas I have the Moto X4, he has the Moto G7, it also happens when we use the Moto G5 or the Moto G6’s (we have 5 phones with RW)

Is the RW app installed and up to date?

Have you tried Refreshing the Republic Activation?

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Hi @tinab,

If you’re using the Messages app by Google, please make sure RCS is turned off.


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