Underlying number showing

What phone do you have? Moto G Fast

What plan are you on? ummm whatever one we have now

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

My daughter is saying that my underlying number is showing instead of my RW number when I text her. I did get a new phone today that updated to Android 11, but my mom said it was showing my underlying number last night from my old phone as well when I called her.

Soooooo how do i fix this please? :slight_smile: If given the steps or where to go I can do it… I have faith in me lol

Hi @rebecca.b - I’d suggest you start by Disabling the RCS Chat feature in Messages by Google. That feature can do some strange things.

Come on back if that doesn’t help.


thanks I actually just fixed this by turning off chat features then turning them back on. yay all fixed

thanks for the help!!!

Then you’re likely to see the number resurface at some point.

Here’s a good summary of possible causes for the issue:

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I believe it was because I was in the middle of updates, not the chat feature. I have never had issues with the Chat feature and have been using it since it came out and will continue to do so as I like knowing when my messages to my daughter are sent, delivered, and read. I could do that on FB messenger but I have gotten rid of FB messenger and rarely use FB at all anymore.

The fact that it also happened when I called my mom is probably because the same as above, I was in the middle of updates on my old phone. I just got the new one today and moved the Sim and hadn’t updated the RW app yet, now it is updated, and everythigns fine.

So I believe updating was the issue. But I know what to look for now should it happen again.

Wasn’t that big a deal as my daughter was still able to text and/or call me and with my Innocaptions app it showed me RW needed an update. Alls well

Thanks for the help!

If you have the CDMA SIM card the timing with the update was likely co-incidental. The reason Republic recommends having Chat off (in addition to it requiring data) is that it is known to not play well with the CDMA carrier SIM. We have seen thousands of tickets over the last year with the number being wrong, over and over. At some point, it gets stuck on the wrong number and the only option is the leave Chat off entirely.

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Mine is GMS not CDMA. Chats never been an issue and it’s fine now after finishing the updates, but thanks anyway

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