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When I first signed up for RW it was under plan 1.0 and all the underlying numbers were with Sprint. I just got a new phone and it appears that my underlying number is with T-Mobile. Will I experience any differences in service?

It depends on how good is T-Mobile coverage in your area vs the Sprint coverage
Currently all BYOD is GSM based and use T-Mobile and the following phones are also GSM {T-Mobile}only [they don’t have the radios for CDMA {Sprint}] Samsung Galaxy J3, Huawei Ascend 5W, Moto Z, and Moto Z Play are

I purchased the Moto G4 from RW and it came configured as a T-mobile phone. Can I switch it to sprint?

You will need a help ticket Republic Help tell them that the GSM coverage is not good for you


Is your coverage not good? The GSM provider is pretty big and typically has pretty good coverage. Check your area.

I will check. I just know that I had good coverage with Sprint and did not have issues. Am planning on testing the current configuration for awhile before making changes.

sean, Why would the RW sticker on the phone box say it is the CDMA phone kit if it really is a GSM phone.

may i ask how you determine your underlying number is T-Mobile?

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I will have to agree with @drm186. What led you to think your phone is on GSM? If the phone box is labeled CDMA then it is.

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On the forum I read that if you find your underlying number by dialing
##3282# you have a CDMA but if you find your underlying number by dialing
##4636## you have a GSM phone. Is that not correct?

I don’t think the 3282 code works on 3.0 phones, the number I working in post is *#*#786#*#* no spaces when dialing
If nothing happens then you are on GSM
If presented with a SprintDM menu your on CDMA
I found this via @rolandh here

edit 2 times to fix the dial code

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I entered the ##786## code and nothing happened.

Hi @naomin.5sibzu

Apparently, the dialer sequence got munged in the earlier response quoted by @drm186. The correct sequence is *#*#786#*#*


and it for thing like this is why I tagged you when posting it

The best way to ensure the markdown does not interfere on these is to use </>



Sorry for not replying for so long. Forgot about replying after getting back from a trip. I used the code rolandh and drm186 provided and it worked. I also ended up going to Settings -> More -> System Select and it shows that I have a CDMA roaming mode and can update my PRL. I was confused initially because of the ##4636## code working and what I read about that code meaning I had a GSM phone on the forum.

Thanks for all the help!

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I have the opposite problem. My old Moto G is CDMA and I cant stand Sprint. I’m looking for an upgrade and want to be sure I am going to be on T Mobile.

someone else here was helping me, I just don’t know what order to do what. Looking at some MOTO phones on B&H that are offering the free SIM kit

Hi @morethanjustvideo,

Any Republic compatible phones purchased at a third party retailer including B & H will be provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner (not Sprint) for cellular coverage. If you buy your phone at a third party retailer, there is zero possibility of receiving Sprint coverage.

If I buy from RW, are there phones that have both GSM and CDMA options? I’m reading so many posts

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