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When we first signed up with Republic we were with the 1.0 plan and had an underlying phone number through sprint. We are now on the 3.0 plan and I assume there is still an underlying number. Today I received two mass alert phone calls from a school district that is fairly close to us, but I have no students in that district, never had. I decided to check to see if I had an underlying phone number that might be the issue. I did the ##4636## trick and looked at phone info and under the phone number it has a number that I googled and found it on-line and it looks like an actual number in use (at least they have a website that is still up and running) and is in the area of the school district that I received the alerts from. I have never really understood how the whole underlying number thing works but I always assumed that it had been a surrendered number that was no longer in use with the carrier Republic was using (Sprint and now T-mobile). Can someone explain this to me.

When someone calls your main number their call goes to RW’s servers. RW then looks for you phone on WiFi. If it doesn’t find it they forward the call to your Sprint or T-Mobile number depending on which service you have.

The underlying number is not supposed to be in use is it? I found the number that is listed in my phone on-line looking like an active number.

I see that all the time because they don’t update their database in a timely manner. Call that number from a different phone and your phone should ring if you have cell coverage and that is your number at this time.

Presuming it is, you have two choices:

Call the school, tell them that is your number and please quit sending messages or open a service ticket and ask that the underlying number be changed.

If these are the only nuisance calls you are getting it might be best to work with the school. When a different number is pulled from the pile it could be worse than the one you have now.

I really have not had much of an issue until today. I actually received two texts as well as the two calls, which seemed to be solicitation type texts from two different numbers but they did have the guys name that is listed on the website that has this number posted.

I have submitted a ticket on this. Today I have received a voicemail and a text from someone that was supposed to go the business that has my underlying number on their website. I have requested to get my underlying number changed, but so far that does not seem to have happened. Hopefully they will try contacting them again once this all gets straightened out.

Changing the underlying number is not as high a priority ticket compared to, say, someone who can’t make calls. Support is very busy right now. If you haven’t head from them in more than 24 hours post your ticket number here and one of the Ambassadors will try to get you some attention. Meanwhile, don’t open additional tickets on this subject. Multiple tickets are combined and the combination goes to the end of the line. If you have more information to provide just reply to the first message you received acknowledging your ticket.

I opened the ticket yesterday and replied that I want the underlying number changed. I have not opened anything additional, only added to the original. I feel bad for the company though as the voicemail and text were both regarding making changes to their website content and seemed maybe important.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with the website. Several of my friends have died and their Facebook pages are still accumulating posts.

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