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My spouse sent a text message from her Moto X4 (CDMA partner) to my son (Verizon) and he got the message with a weird phone number. Turns out it was the underlying Sprint number. It does not do it when she sends me a text, it comes in from the R.W. number. I also have a phone on an AT&T MVNO, and it came in as the R.W. number.
Any ideas?

Hi @muerte33,

See if this helps - A Different Number is Showing When I Make Calls and Send Texts – Republic Help


I went ahead and performed the “Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation”.
The R.W. app was up-to-date, and checked the PRL and it was up-to-date (which I know has nothing to do with this, but I did it anyway). I’ll get him to delete the text conversation on his side and try anew.

Please have her check this:

Open the Messages App
While on the list of all the available message threads click the three dots on the top right
Select Settings
Click “Chat Features”
Turn off the switch for “Enable Chat features”

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Chat was enabled on her Moto X4 under Messages, so I turned it off. This is not even available on my Moto Z3 Play which is on the GSM partner.

That’s expected based on what is offered by the carrier partners. Turning it off will fix the issue that she was having.

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