Underlying T-Mobile Number


I know the old Sprint based phones had an underlying phone number that you could get by entering a secret code into your phone.

However, I have a T-Mobile based phone (3.0 plan). Is there an underlying number? How can I get that number?



The number is no longer usable by the customer (texts are blocked) so there really isn’t any use to getting it.


So, I’m about to setup my phone to use the Jolly Roger Telephone service (http://jollyrogertelephone.com/call-for-beta-testers-new-service-to-automatically-protect-mobile-phones/). Roger needs to know that I’ve paid for the service and identifies me by my phone number. I’m unsure what number he’ll see, since I’ll be calling him by forwarding my voicemail to his service.

It would be nice to provide him with both numbers, so we don’t have to debug it later.

Thanks for your help.


I was curious what my underlying GSM number was too, and I found this post:


(I have a Motorola phone so I dialed:*#*#4636#*#* and was able to pull it up). Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Tried the free method for my Samsung Galaxy S7 (man, Republic Wireless throws a hissy fit about using the default Messages app). I got it to work, but it didn’t show any didn’t show a different number. Tried it both on and off WiFi.

Is there an underlying number?


Temporarily set the bundled Samsung Messages app as the default then send a text message to another phone. The message will come from your phone’s underlying GSM routing number. I did not need to uninstall the Republic app prior to doing so. Courtesy of rolandh


That’s correct. You would need to set the app as default. DId you do that?


Sorry, that was supposed to go to stephenm


My reply was meant for him too… Still getting used to the forum!


Yes, I set it as default, although the Republic Wireless App fights you mercilessly. I still couldn’t see a different number.

I may try uninstalling the Republic Wireless App so I don’t have to deal with its tantrums.


Uninstalling the Republic Wireless App means not having Republic service. I’m assuming you mean temporarily only.


So, I uninstalled the Republic Wireless App, switched back to the default Messages app and tried sending myself messsage both with and without WiFi enabled. The Messages app says I sent them, but I never received them.

Then I rebooted the whole phone and tried again. Still never received my own message.

Then I reinstalled the Republic Wireless app and it seems that I then received the messages I sent, but I couldn’t really see them in the default Messages. Then I switch back to the Republic Wireless messages and could see the text message I sent.

Yikes! That is way too complicated!


Hi @stephenm

Have you chatted with Support or raised a Support Ticket ?.


This is a unique post in my experience and they may be interested as well. I understand it is a ‘pre-emptive’ strike…[quote=“stephenm, post:3, topic:8789”]
It would be nice to provide him with both numbers, so we don’t have to debug it later.

… I’m just curious myself. :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea. Just opened ticket #1140387.

We’ll see what they say. =)


Republic has worked with the underlying carriers so that texting with the underlying number doesn’t work. I know this is true for inbound messages, perhaps now for outbound as well?


your issue here was that you can’t RECEIVE messages without the RW app installed. directions from others to send an SMS from the default Messages app should have included language about “the other phone” receiving a message from your underlying carrier number. That language, “other phone”, is very important here, as YOUR phone can’t receive messages during the described process.

Hope that helps,


That makes sense, bitflung. Thanks.


The final response from RW technical support:

Hey Stephen,

Thank you for reaching out about needing that additional information or a quicker workaround for finding what is now more of the cellular routing number mentioned earlier in this ticket. Please do know, due to new legal obligations we are no longer able to give information about the subject. We understand that this seems a bit backwards from the transparency we try to have with our members, but truly hope you understand. We do understand that other third-party services may not function properly with Republic numbers because they are classified as VoIP numbers. In those cases, we ask that you open another help request with both us and the third party to try to resolve the issue.

It does seem that some of our other members and ambassadors have had similar discussions on the subject, so you may be able to find that quick workaround that doesn’t include deleting the RW App by searching through our community.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and thank you for all your patience.



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