Underperforming Moto G5S

Your lucky you do not have a G5s, what a piece of junk. Dropped calls, garbled conversations, no service in many areas. My first Gen phone worked so much better. Republic Wireless is absolutely no help in resolving sending out sim cards that made it worse, now sending out another card that is just as bad. This is the second phone as the first turned off and would not turn on. So disgusted I may just find another carrier. Republic wireless is useless in resolving my problem.

We had a G5s in our family and it remains the favorite of the Moto G’s we’ve had including the G1, G4, G6 and now G7. I think it had the best camera of the bunch, the battery life was great and we really had no problems with it at all. I don’t think all phones of a model can be painted based on a single experience (mine or yours).

That said, reception issues shouldn’t be phone related. If you had reception that was good with a first gen Moto G, then it was activated with Sprint, and one of the sets of SIM you were sent (ones with the word Republic in all gray/black) should provide you the exact same coverage (or better) than you had with the G1.

Totally false statement. You cant compare coverage, quality of
the call with the Gen 1 to the G5s. I would have kept the Gen 1
but it had no storage for apps. Both the first one that would not
turn on as well as the replacement. There were many times where my
piece of junk G5s had no service but my wife’s 2nd Gen phone
worked at the exact same location.`

If you G1 had service where your G5 does not then there a good chance the G5 is on republic’s GSM partner [T-Mobile]
To check open the republic app go to the settings tab [:gear: on the upper right corner] then tap about and what does it say in SIM Type [last line under the phone number]

I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.
The G5s, if configured with Sprint as the partner, has access not only to the same coverage as the G1 (Sprint’s old CDMA network), but in addition as access to all of Sprint’s LTE bands, which the G1 has access to precisely none.


Not my G5s.

Tried both and T Mobile is worse than Sprint, but still much
worse than my Gen1 phone.

Hi @mikem.048yql,

I’m sorry to read that you’ve experienced some trouble with two Moto G5S phones. Like @louisdi, I have a Moto G5S in the family and have had no trouble with it. It replaced a Moto G3 that had replaced a Moto G1, and the daughter who is using it has had no problems like those you’re describing.

I see you mention you’ve worked with our support team which resulted in having you try each of our carrier partners, and you’ve determined that of the two choices, Sprint provides better coverage in your area. But you’re still seeing less coverage than you experienced on your previous phone and on your wife’s legacy phone.

If you’d like to troubleshoot this experience the Community may be able to help you figure out why this is. As @louisdi has mentioned, based on hardware specs, network configuration, and our own experiences, we would not expect you to have the issues you are describing. This isn’t to say that we don’t beleive you are having the issues, but that we’d like to look into why you are having them. Perhaps something about the way the phone is configured or an app conflict is causing the phone to underperform.

If you’d like to work through it with us, we’ll need details and specifics, rather than blanket statements. For example, what was the experience like when your phone had no service but your wife’s did? What did your service connectivity icons look like? What features (calling, texting, internet) were affected?


Your support so far to date has done nothing to help. Three sim
cards later same problem. Is this something you can do while I
call on a land line phone?

Hi @mikem.048yql,

Our support team would be willing to continue to work with you, and could talk to you by phone, if that’s how you prefer to troubleshoot.

I was offering to troubleshoot with you, here in Community. The combined wisdom and experience of our members who regularly use our service is very effective at sorting out issues, but we’d need your participation telling us exactly what you see and experience on your phone, and confirming steps you take toward a solution.



  That works for me should I call #â– â– â– â–  Do i have to enter

any codes?`

Hi @mikem.048yql,

To get help from our Help team, you would want to open a ticket:

There is not a number you can call in for help, unless/until you have been invited to do so by ticket.

The ticketing process allows us to better track issues so our engineers can prioritize the matters that need the most attention, and it allows our agents a chance to research the specifics of the member’s account, ticket history, carrier partner, and phone model and status without making members wait on hold.

Ok but unless it is a phone call I am not interested. 12 months of fooling around is enough.

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