Unexpected refund message

We have the My Choice plan. However, today (our billing cycle day) my husband received a message on his phone about not receiving a refund. As the account owner, I am usually the one that gets billing related notifications. I checked our online portal and his phone still indicates his plan is My Choice.

Hi @jhl,

Did he happen to take a screenshot of that message? Was it a notification from the Republic app?

We recently transitioned into a new billing software platform, and are seeing a few odd bugs and here there. We’d probably need a screen shot or exact quote of the message and better understanding of how it showed up on the phone to investigate this, though.

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That’s probably why the notification that pops up on my phone said that I was being billed zero dollars this month. Thought maybe it was an early birthday present! :wink:

Or you signed up for the annual payment plan

Yes, that was a bug that was squashed this weekend. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up!


I thought that was a feature.

Hi @jhl,

I was able to get a screenshot of this message, and have opened a bug ticket so we can get this cleaned up. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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