"Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped OK"

What phone do you have? Moto X 1st Gen

What plan are you on? Republic Refund 0.5GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

I am trying to backup my Moto X1, saving the data onto my Macintosh.

I read that I can simply copy the data in the folders that appear when I connect the device. This, however, does not work, as I get error messages during the transfer, like this:

could not replace file could not copy file “map_cache.db” OK.
could not replace file could not copy file “map_cache.db-shm” OK.

Followed by a message that the devide is not connected (even though it is) and the Android file manager disappears.

I also attempted to export to a vcf file as described here:

However there does not seem to be any way to download the Moto File Manager program to my device, as there is no option in the Play Store program to do that. I see a Play Store screen with a menu that says “Settings, Play Project, Help & feedback…” etc. but cannot do much due to the following situation.

I am doing all this because I repeatedly get a pop-up message on the phone stating:

“Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped OK”

which appear every 2-10 seconds, and seems to prevent many functions from working, including making phone calls.

This problem started a few hours ago (June 13, 2019) I have re-started the phone in an attempt to fix this. I have also cleared the Apps cache (which did not seem to clear anything). And I am attempting to re-set to factory default, but would like a current backup of the device first.

If I can’t get a backup, then I will just reset to factory default as described here:

and start over from scratch.

Searching your Help for these issues has not been successful.


The particular files you mention you wouldn’t want in a backup anyway as they’re cache files, which are things you wouldn’t want to restore.

As far as backups, what are you trying to get off the phone? There isn’t a good way to backup a device the way you’re describing and most “true” backup apps (meaning a system image) require that the phone be rooted.

It is likely the things you care about can or are already backed up.

You should find your contacts here: https://contacts.google.com and more than likely your pictures here: https://photos.google.com

Other than that, if you want to backup your text messages, I recommend this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore&hl=en_US

You may find this Tip useful: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

Thanks, that’s half the battle! Most of what I need is Contacts, and you showed me how to get them outside Android. Very good. As for backing up text messages, which would be nice, your link is useless to me as I can’t access it on my phone at this point. If you named the app and I could search for it in Chrome on the play store, that might work.

Also if anyone knows how to stop these process messages from appearing in the first place, that would be ideal.


The app is called “SMS Backup Restore”

You should be able to use the link I provided from a PC or other device and “push” the app to your phone.

Thank you. I clicked the link on my Mac, followed the directions, and Google Play claims that it will be installed “soon.” Very cool that one can install on Android from your computer.

Now we shall see if it really shows up.


As of now it’s been 20 minutes, and there is still no install. And I don’t think this is going to work, as the original error message is “gapps” which is Google Apps related. So I can’t install a program to back up, as the Google Apps program that supports install is itself broken.

There is also an error message on my phone notifications list stating: “Update Google Play services: Google Play services won’t run unless you” (that is the complete message). When selected, Google Play opens, and there is no description of the error. This also leads me to believe that app install is broken.

I have verified that Wireless is active and available, and that app updates are set to be installed when Wireless is running.


If Google Play Services isn’t running correctly, you’re right, it won’t work.

The good news is that Republic has your last 30 days of texts backed up and you’ll be able to restore them to the phone after the Reset by downloading, installing and using the sync feature of Republic Anywhere after the reset.

So I continued looking around the net for a solution. And found one.

I did the following:

go to settings -> apps -> google play services -> storage -> manage space then click “clear all data”.

that was found here:


This seems to have fixed/stopped the process gapps error.

Once that was done, the Google Play Services error appeared clearly, stating:

“Update Google Play services: Google Play services won’t run unless you update google play services”

So I went into Google Play Services and clicked Update.

After instaling this update, I got a notification saying:

“Your data isn’t backed up Add a backup account now”

Sounds good to me. After selecting that and following instructions, it is backing my account up automatically to my email address. Or so it claims.

And having done that I got notifications that apps needed updating, and selecting that, they seemed to successfully download and update.

I have not seen the process gapps error since the moment I cleared data from storage. Everything looks like it is back to normal, no reset required.

Thanks to louisdi for the suggestions for backup; at the very least I learned a lot!


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