Unfortunately, xyz App has stopped Error


Moto E 1st gen has such limited space, but when combined with a google play store app that doesn’t play well with the phone- It is non stop Error Messages. Most of these are generated from the Google play services and play store.

These messages popping up every minute or two made the phone unuseable, but now it is somewhat resolved. If you find yourself with an older phone and this issue. You can try this.

First clear cache on all apps.

Next uninstall all google app updates for every google app. Then disable all the ones you don’t use. I disabled eveyone except google play store and services.

Make sure to also go into google play store and disable auto update on each app that you’ve diabled or it will again trigger the error messages.

Hope this helps someone avoid the three months of futile factory resets of the phone only to have the problem creep up again.


Great feedback @markg.goyjub !

Glad you were able to manage your error messages and make your phone functional even with the limited internal memory. Your post may certainly help someone in a similar dilemma avoid some frustration.

Well done.


Unfortunately, temporary fix has stopped. (yes, I realize the irony, but truth of that statement)