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I sent a 7 month old moto x pure phone back to republic, because it quit charging. They sent me a refurbished phone, which would have been fine, but it came with a huge red spot in the middle of the screen. Now they are charging me for the phone i sent back saying it has damage, and a scratch on the face. I knew it had to have some damage or problem because it quit charging, shouldn’t that have been under warranty? I had the phone less then a year. It is gorilla glass and doesn’t scratch easily, plus I checked the glass before I sent it back and there was no scratch. I am very disappointed as a customer of 3 or more years. I will stay away from moto phones from now on, seeing how every moto me or my family has had, has had nothing but issues.

Hi @crystala.bqq37y,

If you haven’t already, please reply in the ticket to let our support team know that the replacement phone appears to be defective. It is not our intent to send out defective phones as replacements.

You may also ask our support team to launch an appeal on your behalf about the charges on the returned phone. We’ll get in touch with our returns processor to determine whether the charges assessed were with our policies and guidelines. We do assess charges for user damage to the phone, like significant scratches, but not for warranty failure.

If you need any help with either request, just let me know.


Just so you know, the phone is warranted by the manufacturer (Motorola in this case) and not by Republic Wireless. In handling this for you Republic Wireless was going above and beyond the call of duty. Motorola has an exchange service that works quite well most of the time.

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