Unhappy with DISH takeover

With my and my wife’s phones voicemail not working pretty much since DISH took over, and the failure of RW to say what is going on, I’m questioning if we should stick with the company…
Now today I go on the website, logo has changed…new plans are coming, and a lot of people saying they are looking elsewhere as well. I also can find the home phone unit that was for sale a while ago…another Dish casualty?

This is upsetting because I have referred so many people to RW and I can’t do that now.
" It’s a decent plan but your voicemail won’t work" is all I can come up with. Can anyone tell me what they are offering above others?

Hi @mattd.vrc5pt and welcome to the Community!

The visual voicemail issue you reference has nothing whatsoever to do with DISH. It has everything to do with an update to Google’s Phone app. Republic needs help from Google to fix the issue and well Google is Google and has its own timelines. The old school method of calling into voicemail still works. There are some workarounds for visual voicemail noted here:

New plans are here but optional for current Republic members:

Republic stopped selling its Extend Home adapter months ago now. For those with active Extend Home adapters, Republic continues to provide service though, to be candid, Republic has stated continued support of Extend Home won’t last indefinitely and Extend Home is not compatible with new plans. I guess one might consider that a DISH causality. For better or worse, Republic has decided to move away from its patented and proprietary technology in favor of industry standards.

I believe in providing information, so that fellow members might make an informed decision. I’m not here to sell anyone. Details regarding Republic’s new plans is linked here:

If you have follow-up questions, we’re happy to do our best to answer them.


Man - the new icon hurts my eyes. You guys going to give out the old swag??

There is a help document: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004822121-Visual-Voicemail-Suddenly-Missing a community thread started by staff: Where's my Voicemail?! Latest update to Google Phone App removes Voicemail tab! How are they not saying what’s going on?