Unhappy with Samsung phone, what works?

I am also a long-time customer and also unhappy with how the company has changed.

But first a simple web page bug. I was allowed to say “I do not have Republic service”, but republic service was not on the list for my previous carrier. This seems like an easier oversight to correct.

The problem is my Samsung Galaxy phone which does not work well with your system. Technical support refuses to answer my question of “What models are compatible” with the excuse that my email is not setup as the controller of the account. Well, the account is not relevant to the question.

I don’t want a moment spend on trying to solve my Samsung, but I am including a list of problems so that you might know what I am not looking for in a phone.

My original moto-x received voice mails and showed on the same list of recent calls any messages that were left. I could push on the icon and my voice message would play. The Samsung does not do this, but on a good day you might press the #1 key and go check for voice messages. This works for a while until Samsung updates something and then it stops. I don’t want to figure it out or install something, because it will probably get auto updated-over later.

My original moto-x received text messages that were visible. The Samsung shows a message that I need to install some app that when you try to install it the phone correctly shows that it is already installed. It is possible to have dual apps installed, the working one and the Samsung one. This would be sort of okay, but you cannot deleted the Samsung app and get it out of the way.

My original moto-x was able to both receive and initiate calls with my wife’s phone. The Samsung was able to receive, but not initiate calls to my wife and children and I assume a collection of other random phones, but I was able to make some calls. This can be “solved” by once again installing dual applications. However, the same problem exists where the garbage Samsung app cannot be removed. It will forever offer to make itself the default phone app.
A phone is something that needs to be reliable and having a maze of applications some of which render it unusable is not what I want.

I should also mention that I design electronics and program firmware so I am not just “confused” with this new technology. It is not my job to debug my phone, it is my phone’s job to simply work.
Tell me the model so I can throw some money at this problem.

The issues you’ve outlined with your Samsung phone are mostly fixable though some such as how visual voicemail is handled are the result of Samsung’s design choices. Republic’s list of compatible phones is linked here:

Given your stated lack of satisfaction with your Samsung phone, I’d suggest a Google Pixel or Motorola model.

Your point regarding a question about compatible phones seemingly not requiring a Republic agent to verify account ownership to provide an answer is valid. That said, government regulatory rules do require Republic agents to verify account ownership whenever engaging with members. While I would agree the government’s regulatory requirements make no sense in this context, this does not matter to the government and federally regulated communication providers such as Republic are not free to ignore the government’s requirements.

Those of us participating in Republic’s Community (most of whom are not Republic agents or employees) are not bound by nonsensical in this instance government rules.

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It’s not a bug. The question is “Who was your cellular provider before switching to Republic?” The question is not “Who was your previous carrier.” It is not a required field and can easily be left blank if it’s not applicable since you’re not a current Republic member.

Our Help Team continues to address the questions on your list that can be answered without account access.

Although you didn’t want to spend time on the issues you’ve found with your Samsung phone, I want to clarify a few things for others who may be reading.

This feature, called “visual voicemail” is also available on Samsung phones, though Samsung makes it a little more difficult to access. Instructions are here. How to Listen to Visual Voicemail on Samsung Phones – Republic Help

If Google Messages app is set as the default messaging app, we would expect the Republic app to stop notifying you that you need to install a compatible messaging app. While many of the factory-installed apps from your phone cannot be deleted, the Samsung Messages app can be removed from the home screen and even tucked away into a folder which can be named in such a way that it moves to the bottom of the apps list in the apps drawer.

The Samsung Phone app is compatible with our service and the Samsung phones do not require a second Phone app in order to make calls.

I don’t believe any amount of money is going to guarantee you a phone with 100% fully functional features on our network without some amount of configuration and that will never change or require additional configuration after an update.

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I have a 2017 Samsung Galaxy J3, and it seems to be perfectly compatible with Republic Wireless.

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