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I have been a customer for 6 or 7 years and I hate what this company has turned into. I use to have unlimited talk, text, and data. Then they switched to charging for the data used and refunding the balance. Now they just charge you for data with no refund. The coverage is not as good as it use to be either. I am going to try boost, cricket, meto, or freedom Pop.


Hey I’m still upset that gas doesn’t cost $0.37 a gallon anymore with a free set of glasses or steak knives when you fill up. And remember full service gas stations? Times change, deal with it. Move on.


I think RW prices, service and support are of top tier quality. I am very happy with the current My Choice plan. Talk and text are unlimited and work with wifi for those areas (like inside buildings) where cellular services can be weak.


Hi @jamesb.t0b08i,

I’m sorry to learn that after being a Republic Wireless member for so long, you’ve reached the point of posting your first post in Community, and it’s a farewell of sorts. I checked to see if we’ve had the opportunity to help you with your coverage concerns, and I don’t see that you’ve ever opened a ticket with our Help Team on the matter. Although our newer phones do all require the My Choice plan and we can’t put them on the older plans you enjoyed before, I was wondering if we might be able to try something that could improve your coverage?

Did you know that we offer cellular coverage through partnerships with two different cellular providers? When you were on the unlimited plan and on the refund plan, your coverage was through our partnership with Sprint. When you moved to our My Choice plan, your coverage moved to T-Mobile’s cellular network. If you’ve noticed a difference and feel like it was better before, we could send you a SIM card that would move you back to Sprint’s network, and see what you think.

If you’re willing to give that a try, I’ll be glad to process the order for a replacement SIM card at no cost to you. Please let me know if you’re willing to give that a try.


The fact that my post has more likes than yours is pretty telling.


No one is forcing you to change.
RW still allows those users that still use the “Legacy” model phones, those phones that are now several years old, long past End of Life on the old original “cheaper” Refund based plan. If you have such a device that is still working, wow, your lucky.

All carriers, industry standard practice, (not just in cellular companies), as time goes on, companies adjust their prices and add/remove available plans. Today’s economy, inflation, supply and demand, consumer market interest…all big factors. Also standard, that when one wants to change or upgrade their device or services, you can not keep your “grandfathered in” plan, as it is no longer eligible or even technically possible in RW’s case.

There are many other topic thread here discussing to death, and given very detailed explanations as to why RW has evolved and why the My Choice Plan now exists and its benefits. And is cheaper for data ($5 per 1GB vs $15 on the older plans)

The fact also stands, that there is no such thing as a cheap “Fully Unlimited” for talk, text, and LTE Data, cellular plan out there. All the companies even the small MVNO’s charge alot for such a plan. ($60+). IF you truly need unlimited data and are a heavy data user, then RW is not for you.

As a side note, i think the RW unlimited plan is so old that it runs on the 3G network to get its data. Now, it is a fact, that 3G network(Sprint) IS going away ever so slowly. So these phones will no longer be able to function in the soon to be future. Especially if/when the Tmobile merger is done and they start to transform the Sprint network over to TM.


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My 6th Republic anniversary is coming up this May.

I’m still on the original unlimited Republic plan from before refund plans were even offered. (My Moto X2 is still going strong)
You can actually get unlimited(ish) 3G for $25/month or 4G for $40/month.
I don’t need data, so I am still on the $10/month zero data plan.

I agree that Republic isn’t quite what is used to be. Do new Republic phones even have the ability to make wifi calls? It seems all references to this feature, which was once the heart of republic, have been removed from the site.

When I joined, Republic was new and innovative. Now, it’s just an MVNO.


Of course! They never stopped making wifi calls.
And they are not “RW Phones”…they are the same Factory Unlocked phones that everyone else can use on other carriers. I use a Pixel 3, but u can use may other popular mid or high end phones, like Samsung Galaxy…instead of some lower end, locked to RW custom ROM phones that no longer get updates.

The still very much are innovative and different.
Their service of Hybrid calling with active handover of wifi to cell and cell to wifi is like nothing else. I have tried Fi’s version of that and it is not nearly as smooth.

RW has evolved and no longer require their own Custom ROMed phones that only are a few models. Also, they have now the GSM Tmobile partner, which, for me is a FAR better network than Sprint CDMA.

RW have innovated with unique products like Relay and the Home Phone Connect, and recently the iPhone Beta. They also tested the waters a bit with a Data Only SIM.

I have only been with RW for a couple years now, and they have been very active and evolving since i first looked at them back when I got my mother onto RW Refund plan as her first smartphone.
Those plans were not suitable for me, wasn’t until BYOP and the My Choice Plan appeared that RW even became a viable option for me. That, and the direct communication and responsiveness RW staff, the caring and very helpful and knowledgeable community members here make it a place i find I myself like to keep active in. No such thing exists for any other provider.


I like to view the complaints. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck. It’s hard to look away.

We had the time to shop for phones and phone service and both my wife and I scoured the 'net for the best deal with knockout service. We did not want to be locked into a contract. We are also too cheap to pay as much as our outrageous monthly electric bill. I fretted over service and you never know what that’s really like until you need it.

I wonder how many Republic members left and boomeranged back? Other phone companies can beat you into submission because, hey, they have you on a leash while taking too much cash. To me, it’s like being pick pocketed. That’s no way to live.


I could be wrong but I don’t think most former Republic members are switching back to traditional phone companies. They are most likely switching to similar companies that offer no contract plans at either better rates, service, and/or compatible equipment.


When Republic began offering a non-refundable Annual Payment Option similar to Mint’s, it seemed like a sign to me that Republic was no longer going to stick to their No Contracts Ever promise and their days of innovation were in the past. New companies and the traditional phone companies have now either caught up or surpassed Republic and they are stuck playing catch up.


That’s probably what is happening.


Right on about everything used to be cheaper and appear better! LOL! That’s what I think everytime I look in the mirror too.


I am a conservative, strapped income, military veteran and AMAC member. I prefer to support those who support my values. I’m not sure where RW stands on all of mine. One that they DO support is WHAT THERE FEES ARE for the services rendered. I recently did comparisons due to necessity of adding a young adult to our plan (my daughter’s plan actually). I didn’t find a suitable carrier other than RW for 3 lines and AS NEEDED Data coverage. Thank you RW. We presently use Talk/Text and ADD 1GB Data ($5/GB).


What is the issue with the annual payment option? If you pay Republic up front for a month of service (like any prepaid provider), Republic is contractually abliged to provide you with a month of service. If you pay Republic up front for a year of service, Republic is contractually abliged to provide you with a year of service. In either case, if you decide to leave Republic before your service is up, you don’t get any money back. The nature of the two payment options are exactly the same, only the length is different.

Yes, the level of service could decline in a year (or improve for that matter), but that could happen within a month too. The only difference I see between the two payment options is that republic is providing a way for people who are willing to risk prepaying 12 months to save even more money than those who prepay 1 month. Why criticize that?

I do agree that the “no contracts ever” claim is false, but I do not believe it is misleading. If the “no contracts ever” claim was truly to be taken literally, Republic could take customers money without providing any service at any point and with no responsiblity to refund. However, that’s not the case because Republic is obligated to provide service when you pay them money. So that is a contract. In that sense, Republic is incorrect because Republic is obligated to fulfill a contract.

Instead, I consider the “no contracts ever” to mean that Republic will never lock the customer in to paying them every month, with fees if they stop service at any point. That would be an obligation the customer would have to fulfill. Republic does not and will not ever do anything like that, hence why I do not consider the “no contracts ever” claim to be misleading.

Am I missing something?


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I am in the Moto X 2013, refund plan. $13 per month. The coverage is the same as always. The refunds were removed because it was too complicated. There was no way to block application data usage without the custom phone. With the new plan the price has increased for minimal data users such as myself. I believe that a 500MB plan at a price of $17.50 would retain the low data users. Possibly the original poster fits this category.

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