Unhappy with the way the company had changed

My phone NEVER makes WiFi calls. NEVER. Always on cellular, so yeah I’m disappointed about the call quality with Republic as well. I think I’m going to look around for a more competitive carrier soon. I’ve been with RW for over 6 years, but their phone plans should be more competitive with the competition imo.

So have you ever opened a ticket or submitting a problem report here in the forum to see if you probmem(s) could be addressed?


I’ve been using RW for almost 10 years and I love it!


I have been a hard core Republic Wireless customer for over 7 years myself and told everyone about it. I loved the 1.0 plans and had the $10 plan (unlimited talk and text) with extra data – receiving a refund for unused data at the end of the month. Maximizing WIFI could keep my bill close to the $10/month, but I had extra data when I needed it. This is how the Republic model was designed – maximize WIFI usage and save money – but have data on standby when you need it. Now I pay close to double, $20 with one gig of non-refundable data – and watch out if you go over – because as we all know, buying data when you run out cannot be done over data and takes time (sometimes days) to become available. Also, the higher price with no multi-line discount is a killer.

Republic started as an innovative company with unique technology capable of taking a WIFI call and SEAMLESSLY transitioning to a cell call without missing a beat. All this technology to save money, but for whom? I now see that you can pay less ($95 after taxes [$5 discount for autopay]) for four lines on Cricket (with additional lines at $10 each) with unlimited talk, text, and DATA, and I have a local Cricket store near my house that I can call or pop into if I ever have a problem and get help from a real person in-person. Cricket uses the AT&T network with superior coverage over the current Republic networks.

Please tell me why I should stay with Republic.

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No one can tell you why you should stay one place or another. It all depends on your need. I personally like having phones with no data that can send MMS (can’t do that on Cricket). I personally like being able to have a home phone that rings when my cell does, at no additional charge (can’t do that on Cricket). I personally like using Republic Anywhere and knowing that if my phone is broken I can still text with my native phone number (can’t do that on Cricket). I personally like having unthrottled data when I do need data (can’t do that on Cricket). I personally like supporting a smaller company rather than a vertically integrated company like AT&T/DirecTV/HBO/CNN/Warner/New Line/DC. I personally like this community of informed, intelligent customers. (Good luck with that at Cricket).

None of those things may be important to you, in which case, why are you asking someone to convince you to stay?


They also suspend your service, tell you they can fix it if you reply to an email that says no-reply, and can’t wait to cancel you! Have they singled me out? I wouldn’t think a company named Republic could be run by liberals, but right now that’s how it looks.

I’m not going to go with Cricket. They once made my son pay for a month where they had shut his service off in order to get his phone back on.

Hi @patriciam.kk06e5,

The only reason I’m aware of for which Republic suspends/cancels service is a payment issue. Payment issues are not something that may be sorted here in Republic’s Community forums. Account specific issues require the attention of a Republic agent.

I do not know what the issue regarding Republic’s email is, however, if this is something you still wish to get sorted, please reach out to an agent. To do so, please click (or tap) this link to raise a help ticket: http://republicwi.re/openhelprequest.

Hi @patriciam.kk06e5,

We’re very careful to notify members before suspending service, and to suspend before canceling outright, to do our best to make sure no one’s phone number is lost. Because our service is paid in advance, there does come a time (and there’s a generous grace period) where do have to take account action rather than letting an account continue to receive service without payment.

Please let us know if you’re having trouble reaching the Help Team to get your situation resolved.

What on earth do the name of the company, anyone’s political leanings, and suspending service for one particular individual have to do with one another?

Yes, you’ve been singled in that we have not suspended everyone’s service, but such an action has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.


You missed my point @louisdi. Republic started as a company whose goal was to save serious money by utilizing technology while the consumer minimized their cell data usage. It could be so inexpensive that there wasn’t any need for a multi-line discount. Their refundable data feature made it great. I bragged about it to everyone. Because of the big savings I was getting with Republic, it was okay having to go through the community to find answers for my problems (that sometimes took days). Now, I can get more (unlimited data & in-person support) for less money with a multi-line discount. I can walk into a Cricket store where I can hand my phone to a live technician who can fix my phone issues on the spot.

By the way, using a free Google Voice account from my Cricket cell phone allows me to do all the “can’t do that on Cricket” comments you just made – and more, MMS over data, all the functionality of Republic Anywhere, AND making and answering calls directly from my laptop, as well as transcribing my voicemail to text – all for free. Data speed on Cricket has not been an issue for me even watching videos. Unthrottled data at $5 a gig adds up REAL FAST.

I just wish Republic didn’t abandon their original goal of serious savings for the consumer that the other providers couldn’t touch – even with multi-line discounts. I can deal with the rest.

Cricket recently announced that it will no longer own a single store. All stores will be independent dealer owned. So yes, you can walk in to a store and hand your phone to an independent dealer, but I’d personally rather hand my phone to a rabid monkey than the folks that work at the Cricket stores in my area.

The refund plan costs MOST customers more. At $15/GB few people wanted it. They didn’t discontinue it because it was popular and successful.

That’s a bit contradictory to wanting the Refund Plan since the Refund Plan was only cheaper than now if you used less that 0.66GB of data.

Sure, I can use Google Voice with any carrier I want. You’re relying on a 3rd party, free product, with basically no support. Google hasn’t even implemented their own RCS services, which they’ve rolled out for every carrier in the world yet. GIven Google’s jumping from product to product (see Category:Discontinued Google services - Wikipedia) and of changing the way products work (see Photos free storage change this month) my phone number / line is too important to deal with that sort of junk. I have multiple Google Voice number as backups and ways of sorting business, but having a native carrier number is by far the most stable option I have.

They haven’t. Their latest plan is cheaper than the old plan for any customer that uses more than 0.66GB of data. In today’s world that’s more customers than it is not.

And don’t forget many people have no use for mult-line discounts. Obviously YMMV.

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