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Thanks for adding this call out @amitl.

This article is from a new section of our knowledgebase called “Support Notes”. I know you’re aware @amitl , but for others in our Community that may read this in the future, this particular section of the Help Center KB is a fast growing source of content that is based on actual Support tickets flowing in to TAC. The team write these articles up in context of our Members, publishes new content daily, and updates existing articles regularly.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, give it a go:

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Thanks for calling attention to this great feature … Support Notes – Republic Help
Perhaps you can convince @seanr to provide a direct link off of the existing forum … something like


I don’t know the menu you reference is that configurable. Support notes are housed in Help Center. I suppose a direct link might be added here:

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Ultimately, I think the intended solution is unified search. We have that on Help Center. In other words, Help Center searches now index the forums as well. The next piece of that puzzle (more difficult to implement as I understand it) would be for search within the forums to index Help Center documents inclusive of Support Notes.

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Thanks for the validation @jben. That’s a great idea.

@rolandh is all over it in terms of difficulty, but in lieu of unified search on the Community it is a good thought. We’ll certainly explore.

I believe the best place today to start the Help experience is Unified Search. It provides the Member easy access to the quickly-growing KB and the Community conversations with just a text search. Google can of course to the same and that’s an option too.


Please define or explain further RW’s Unified Search. Thanks.


Hi @Ryan
I had mentioned to @southpaw in a rant to her about my @bocephous account being locked out of the community. the rant had my suggestion of the help search have a button on the main front pages.

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That’s all I got besides still locked out so I had to make this @Bocephous2 account to talk here or my wife’s account @Joystew. Support is handling my account I am not looking for help.
I am just explaining about my rant and that my other temporary aliases are me & not some loony imposter. No it’s just loony Bocephous here.

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Unified search simply means that a single search facility produces results from both Republic’s Help Center and the Community Forums. Today, unified search is available from the Help Center landing page. If you enter a search string there, you should see hits or results from both Republic’s support docs and forum posts. Unified search is not yet available from the Community’s search facility.

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My apologies @williamo.vkbg0s for not being more clear on what Unified Search is.

Just to add a little context beyond @rolandh’s excellent answer. In August, we expanded the Help Center’s Search to query both the KB (on Help Center) and the Community Forums, simultaneously. Because this content exists in two unique repositories we “unify” the results on a single page. From there, you can view “All Results” or zero in on the “Articles” or “Forum” as you see fit.


(NOTE: Our legacy Community platform essentially had a Unified Search of sorts, but we lost this capability when the Forums moved to a stand-along site. Adding a much-improved Unified Search on the new Help Center is a big win.)

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Thanks @Bocephous2. Adding a date on recently published is a great suggestion for future filtering of Search.

We’ll also try to advertise new content added to the KB on Community as well. We’re just ramping up on this new approach to knowledge. More to come…


Thanks for info. Had not noticed the filter was available prior to today. Was that added after the fact or always there? Thanks.


Great. Glad that clarified things @williamo.vkbg0s.

This feature went live at the end of Aug, so just a few weeks ago.

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