Unihertz Atom Not supported but usable?

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I just purchased the Unihertz Atom as an outdoor phone. It’s perfect for the task of playing audio books while I run, playing music while I work outside, and allowing me to carry a small and inexpensive phone when I’m in places I don’t want to have a large and fragile device but I might need to stay in touch. It’s much better than my poor Moto because it’s waterproof and ruggedized.

The Republic App says the phone is not supported. I have always used supported phones before. This one is working fine with my T-Mobile SIM (on T-Mobile’s network). What’s Republic’s policy here? If the phone is not supported, can I stick in a Republic SIM anyway and use it or does Republic prevent me from using it?

Thanks in advance. I understand that Republic does not officially support non supported BYOP. No raised eyebrow intended:) What I’m asking is if the phone will come up on the network despite the unsupported status.

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TOS violation


if it isn’t listed as an approved phone it may work but you could be kicked off RW and your account and service ended…

using a phone that is not listed will not fit the wifi 1st cell 2nd model…


you can suggest it


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I would also note that it may be working but not correctly a Republic GSM SIM may function in a Non supported phone but it’s very likely the number it’s using will be the carrier underlying number which the Republic customer does not own can can change at any time.


Thanks for the quick replies. It’s one of the things I love about Republic.

I don’t see the kicked off RW case in the T&C’s. I acknowledge the no warranty clause.

When You join the Republic Wireless community and You buy Your Mobile Device from an Authorized Retailer or any other retailer, the following applies : Republic Wireless makes no warranty to You regarding the Mobile Device. Any warranty with respect to the Mobile Device, if any, is made to You by the Authorized Retailer or the retailer, not by Republic Wireless. The manufacturer of Your Mobile Device may offer an additional limited warranty.

However, the reason I want to use the Atom is because it is unique. There aren’t any other 2.5" ruggedized devices that I know of.

If the WiFi seeking behavior doesn’t work, then RW is probably not the best carrier for this application. If it is just WiFi calling that doesn’t work correctly, that’s not a showstopper. The other features of RW are attractive, like the pay as you go data. However, I have no desire to violate RW’s TOS. Other carriers can provide. I would prefer RW.

Hi @johnt.an60b0,

Using a non-approved phone is indeed a TOS violation. I believe this is the relevant section: " When You buy Your Mobile Device from an Authorized Retailer, other retailer, or Former User, the following applies as applicable:

(e) Each Mobile Device is designed to be activated on the network operated by Republic Wireless (and/or any other underlying carrier’s network, if applicable based on Your Service Plan) and, subject to Your Service Plan, in other coverage areas Republic Wireless makes available to You. As programmed, Legacy Mobile Device(s) will not accept wireless service from another carrier. Except for any legal right You may have to port/transfer Your phone number(s) to another carrier, You have no and cannot gain any (for example, through publication, use, etc.) proprietary, ownership or other rights to any phone number, identification number, e-mail address or other identifier Republic Wireless assigns to You, Your Mobile Device(s) or Your account.

A Unihertz Atom (or any other phone not approved by Republic) isn’t designed to activate on Republic’s network.

TOS aside and I’m no lawyer, there’s a more practical reality. Republic’s service relies not on just the SIM in one’s phone but also the Republic Wireless app. Republic tests and supports its app only on approved devices. While an already active Republic GSM SIM might transfer to the Atom and the Republic Wireless app might run on it; at some point an update to the Republic app will “fix” that.


Thanks again, all. If the RW app doesn’t work on the phone, then the phone doesn’t work for me. When I run the app now, the phone tells me it isn’t supported. I won’t try to hack around it! Best to all.

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