Unihertz atom / other incompatible phone question

Running a moto e 2nd gen and honestly was tempted by the size and specs of the unihertz atom. Figured i would look deep into seeing if compatible here first and stumbled upon this post here Unihertz Atom Not supported but usable?
My first thought is certain criteria of information that would help in understanding. Firstly being : if the app store would not download the app. Because if that was the case i have previously directly downloaded an apk file to a phone because a particular app was region locked and unable to be found, which allowed for instillation and use of said app.
Or was it just that once installed that the app would not operate as intended there for the app it’s self indicated “not supported”. In which case i understand and cant use.
Just really hate the idea of these monstrous size phones that look like tablets when i think the one i have is bigger than i would prefer.
side question Would it potentially be possible to purchase said phone and ship it to R.W. and let them mess around with it till they can have it compatible. I don’t know but don’t think i am the only one who would prefer something of such a small size.
Thanks in advance

You can’t use it. The app would indicate incompatibility and prevent you from activating.

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I don’t know. How much money do you have? Development time isn’t free. And they would need to establish a relationship with the company to ensure that future updates wouldn’t break functionality. I can’t speak for them, but $10,000 might get you in the door.

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I honestly was more thinking along the line of shipping the phone to them. Since in most circumstances from what i could speculate the incompatibility would be hardware related and the operating system is just android. So sending RW a device they don’t have to pay for and would give them more options might be a nice touch. Otherwise maybe there might be a way to install the operating system from a base standpoint that might sort out the issue. But to be honest i kind of rather dislike android operating system mostly the way it handles ram, but that is neither here nor there.

I admire your desire to make this happen, but if it were me I would probably choose one of the AT&T or T-Mobile MVNOs that work with the Atom (if I were a person that valued using an Atom).

What can i say i like the price and the style of RW. I don’t exactly use my phone all that much for talking, but when i need it, it’s there. Even wal-mart service start at around 20 to 25 or something like that and if you use data throttle it rather quickly. I just happen to be a geek / nerd what ever you want to call it that is a fan, and if i can help something i use or like then why not.

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Hi @Zero,

We really don’t have a process where folks ship us phones and we tinker with them until we make them compatible. However, if any opportunities to expand our portfolio open in the direction of this phone, I’ll make sure you’re one of the first to know.


Thanks. After looking around i think i may pursue this on my own for the time being. I know a custom operating system of android would not be supported by support staff, but that’s a non-issue. As long as there is no rule against trying to find a base form of android os that is compatible with both the phone and RW’s app

But there is. Using any phone that isn’t approved by Republic is a violation of the Terms of Service and grounds for termination of service.

true, but what i am asking for is permission to make a phone compatible with the software (app) and seek approval

Umm, that’s not the way it works. As you may suspect Republic has a whole development department that has to work with the cellular partners, and the phone manufacturer as part of their process. There is no path through which a user can “make a phone compatible” and seek approval.

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I asked the question about the Atom awhile back and I did buy one. I like it for what it is and I find that I travel most of the time now with my Atom and my iPad rather than my Moto phone. I can’t read the Atom without my glasses, but most of the time it’s in hotspot mode and I can read the iPad just fine. There are times when this isn’t a great setup, but during most of my day, it works. It’s the future, I imagine. A little hotspot on your wrist or in your pocket and whatever device you want for reading and writing.

I use Mint Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO as the carrier. Works fine and data plan includes tethering. I miss some things about Republic, but this works.

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