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Trying to uninstall RW from moto g 1stgen android v.5.1. Recently closed RW acct, but RW won’t completely uninstall.
About every 5-10 secs Msg window: 'This phone isn’t configured to send text messages. Do you want to change this phone’s plan?" ‘Cancel’ button doesnt help, & ‘Change Plan’ doesn’t recognize my password AND I get no email from RW to set a new password!.
Do I need to create a new acct?
Via the app store Uninstall didn’t help–RW icon is still on the apps screen. In Details, cleared Data field, & unchecked Notifications.
Can’t get past this.

The Republic App is part of the modified OS on the Moto G 1st Gen. It is not possible to remove the app from the phone.


You may know the RW modified OS on the Moto G 1st Gen will not work with any other service provides.

Are you trying to use as a mini tablet and want the notification nags to go away? If so you should be able to disable RW app notifications in the Phone App setting or in the RW app Settings.

Trying to copy or move contacts, photos, etc. from moto g to a new iphone7. using the (recommended) ‘Move to iOs’ app. That process goes fine until the message window interrupts it.

Regarding "Phone App’ setting vs. ‘RW app settings,’ I don’t follow you in respect to the difference between the two.
I drag the icon up to the ‘App info’ choice at the top of display, it says, "RW v’ and 'Force stop/Disable/Clear data & cache.'
Force Stop warns that proceeding may make app misbehave, Selecting OK then does nothing further.
Disable & Clear Data are buttons are greyed out. Clear Cache works.

If I could just get the UNchecked ‘Show Notification’ to operate correctly, I assume that would take of the problem. I don’t care then if the RW op sys stays on the phone.

Will creating a new account be the right move?

Will manual data transfer (using cables) be hung up by the same annoying message window? My guess is that it will stop that process, too.

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