Unique notifications for contacts in Anywhere

I apologize if this was already asked but can you use different notification sounds for different contacts? Can you also do this with group messages?

yes you can from within the Anywhere app :anywhere:
open the thread for the contact in question tap the menu icon :dots:
go to People and options
one can change the sound here


Thanks, and I don’t mean to hijack this thread (it would have been a request if the answer was no). This also works with group messaging? I haven’t tried it out yet because I don’t know if switching back to the default app would be a pain or not if I don’t like Republic Anywhere…

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I do believe it would work with group messages (at least the option is there on the group thread)

Hi @drog and @drm186,

I’ve moved your conversation to a separate thread so we can really sort out what works and what’s lacking along the lines of unique ringtones, then post a single post in the Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread to make the feature request.

Personally, I’ve noticed that I can create unique ringtones for individual contacts, but when those individuals reply in a group thread, I hear the default ringtone.

I haven’t had a chance to test whether that behavior is different in Android Messages or other texting apps, but I’d definitely rather hear the unique notification tone for those contacts, no matter if the reply is 1:1 or group.

Can anyone think of reasons to have the default ringtone when the replies are in group messages? (I’m wondering if it’s intentional or some sort of oversight or bug.)


I believe both messages and anywhere both do notification sounds by thread and not contacts so a group message thread that has had the notification change should have all new replies to that tread use the new sound

Should this part go back in to the request thread?

In any case, I have a friend who has Verizon and the latest Android update broke his ability to assign individual message tones to group messages. I told him him about Republic Wireless and Republic Anywhere’s ability to give notifications on any device, and RW’s willingness to listen. While he seemed interested, he was not happy with T-Mobiles coverage and plans to annoy Samsung (he has an S7 or S8) until they tire of hearing from him and fix the issue.

He was also curious about the test period and what he would bee responsible to pay of RW was not right for him, but I don’t know the exact policy since I knew Republic was right for me from the start.

14 days: Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help

Oh wow. I have to totally re-calibrate how I think of text messages: They are threads, not people. :upside_down_face:
I have notifications by the person, with individual notification tones for each member of my family. But in a family group-text, that won’t be possible.

Based on what @drm186 is explaining, then yes, if you want individual notification tones associated with the person rather than the text thread, that would be a feature request.

Our Support team can offer an alternate SIM card for an S7 or S8, if coverage with our BYOP SIM is not adequate.

Not to derail the thread (I’ll branch it if it takes on a life of its own) but I wonder if he’s equally upset with Google’s change in Oreo that prevents unique notification tones on Gmail labels? That one has me wanting a little 1:1 time with a Google programmer somewhere.

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I missed this earlier. Switching back to the default app is simply changing a setting to indicate which app to use as default. We support only Anywhere and Android messages, though.

And I won’t lose any messages if I switch back?

P.S. It’s the weekend. Why are you working?

She’s a workaholic (and has been since before she an employee, as an ambassador she was the one of the more active members on the old forums )

I switch back and forth between Android messages and Anywhere all the time. The messages are actually stored in something like a database file on the phone, and the app just renders them in a user-friendly interface for you. So switching back and forth doesn’t make you lose messages.

That said, if you’re using some other texting app, ignore me… there’s probably something out there somewhere that works differently.

Because there is much work to be done. Besides, with the weather like it is, the alternative would be to tackle the ironing pile, and I’m just not feelin’ it right now.

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Whether you switch back or do switching as @southpaw you can still use RWA on your other devices.


Hi @drog,

I’ve restored that concept from your initial post to the thread. I think you should be able to edit the post if I didn’t get the new wording quite right.

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I also find it frustrating that in groups it does the default sounds even though each person has there own notification sound. Other apps (like the one I used to have) still has the person’s own notification sound work in the group text. However with their last update it has caused some issues for me in using it. Please add this to the app. Thx!

Anywhere is no longer in active development. Features are no longer being added.

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