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Hi all -
I switched to Republic a month ago. I live in Little Rock, and I went from having completely great, problem free service with Verizon to very very poor service with Republic. I can’t call people if I’m not in my home on my WiFi or on the highway. Calls drop like crazy. Even in my office at work, if my phone rings and I answer, people can’t understand me and I end up having to call them back on my office phone. I cannot continue to deal with this.

I have a Moto E4. Is there anything I can do to improve the service, or just go to back to Verizon? I know I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere, so maybe that’s my only option.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Republic uses both GSM and CDMA (Sprint) as carriers and the sales pages currently state

WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz + 5 Ghz
GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz);
CDMA (temporarily unavailable): (800, 850, 1900 MHz)
UMTS (B1,2,4,5,8);
4G LTE (B1,2,4,5,7,8,12,13,17,25,26,38,41,66)

You may want to open a Ticket with Republic to outline your calling problems and see if they can provide any alternatives.
Edit to remove Verizon (it was meant as an example of CDMA carrier, didn’t mean to imply that RW used them as a primary carrier)


Hi @rachelflf,

I see you’ve identified your phone as a Moto E4. Currently, the E4 will only activate with Republic’s GSM network partner. I would characterize greater Little Rock as a fairly large area. Any chance you’d be willing to narrow the focus a bit by sharing a zip code or two where you’re having this unfortunate experience?


To be clear, Republic does NOT partner with Verizon. They partner with Sprint and their roaming partners (for CDMA coverage). In some areas the roaming partner is Verizon but that does NOT mean that you will access the Verizon tower in your area or that you will have coverage in your area equivalent to when you were a Verizon customer.

I should also reiterate, the E4 is not, and cannot currently be, CDMA activated, so the CDMA partner and their roaming partners are absolutely irrelevant to coverage on the E4.


Thanks, I edited my Verizon statement … but the blockquote regarding availability was from E4 Spec published by RW


That’s correct. The phone has a CDMA radio. Republic currently has no way to activate the E4 (or coming E4+) phone with Sprint. It’s something they’re working on, but we don’t know when we can expect the capability.


So I’m not really following the technical stuff so far, but it sounds like it’s being said that this has something to do with the phone rather than Republic more generally?

Regarding where my service is poor, I live in 72223 and have poor service there. I do have a little bit because I’m an Xfinity customer and get some coverage through Xfinity wifi. I work in 72114 and coverage is terrible from the VA until you get close to the Broadway St. bridge or the highway entrance ramps.

I had better coverage today in 72209 when I was down that way.


Those areas actually appear to have pretty decent GSM coverage.

Please try the following steps to see if they improve anything:

  1. Reboot the phone in an area that has a strong cell signal. (Some people have simply needed to step outside and reboot.) If this fixes it, stop.

  2. Please ensure the data is turned on in Android Settings. Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data (some phones may say Mobile Data). If this fixes it, stop.

  3. This one is more complicated. This step will clear out any saved connections for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that you may have already made. We’re going to reset the network settings.
    Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Network settings reset
    Read the warning, tap “Reset settings.” You will be warned a second time. Tap “Reset settings” to confirm. The process will usually take 5-10 seconds and the cellular signal bars icon will go away for a moment. Once the cell signal bars icon returns, you should reboot the phone.

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  1. How strong is strong? It says I have what I think would be equivalent to 4 bars here, yet I still seem to have problems. I have rebooted my phone multiple times, so I’m not too optimistic about this one.

  2. Checked this one, Cellular data is on.

I’ll wait for your answer to #1 before attempting #3.


Where you are should be good enough, so I would attempt step 3.


So regarding #3, I don’t think I have that on my phone. I have Settings > Backup and Reset and then the following:

Back up my data
Backup account
Google Account
Automatic restore
Factory Data reset

That’s it.



From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
Navigate: Settings > More.
Tap Network settings reset.
Tap Reset Settings. If prompted, enter the PIN, password or pattern.
To confirm, tap Reset Settings.

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Okay, it was there and I reset them. I’ll let you know if I see any improvement…

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No improvement. It may be worse. Just now I was sitting at my desk making calls, where my service is usually fine, and I dropped two calls in a row. I can’t hack this.


Sounds like despite what the maps show, you just don’t have good coverage in that area on the GSM partner. Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no way to move you to Sprint with the phone you have. I suggest you open a ticket and see if support has anything they can suggest/offer.

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