Universal cell phone vulnerability

are all cell phones to be replaced because of some sort of vulnerability

Hi @friendlymike, could you elaborate on what you mean with a universal cell phone vulnerability?

Cell phones are essentially computers, and like all operating systems and software, they have vulnerabilities that are discovered, potentially exploited, and then patched by the developers. It is a continual cycle that is not going to go away. It is more secure to have the latest version of an operating system, like android, than it is to have an old one that hasn’t been updated in years. That’s why I prefer to buy phones that still get updates and upgrade when they no longer get them.


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Hello Mike (@friendlymike)
lot of questions here

to transfer a file to the phone (Either internal or SD card storage) one need to either hook up to a computer via a USB cable or download over WiFi the file in question (one way is to load the files on to a web storage like Google Drive then use that app to download to the device over WiFi

Republic has no service in Mexico so if you are seeing cell service connection you are on US Towers

the Republic Refund plan was/is only good on the older Republic Custom ROM Legacy Phones (Moto X1, Moto X2, Moto G1, Moto G3, Moto E1, Moto E2) all new phones since 2016 have not had this option and must use the current My Choice option

there is the data freeze option within the Republic app that will stop user data from being used while still enabling the data Republic needs for service (which is not counted) there are 3rd party VPN data managers that can limit data at an app level but I don’t currently use one so I can not recommend one.

Most Public WiFi require one to agree to terms of service and or have a valid sign in (sometimes provided by the business providing the WiFi) as a basic rule public WiFi is not consider secured, also the providers may be blocking some time of content via a fire wall which may be why the doorbell video not getting though (though it’s possible there an issue with how it’s setup limiting it to just your WiFi network)

as for the last question about some hacking your phone while I can’t say it’s impossible it a bit unlikely by keeping the phone with a lock screen and staying on known good WiFi will reduce the likely hood of it happening the next thing is to make sure all updates that have been released have been installed (though with a budget phone not to many updates are there (the Moto E series is usually only keep update for 1 year)

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