Unknown Image as My Phone Boots


What phone do you have? Moto 5 g

What plan are you on? Not sure

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data and talk

Issue Description

When my phone starts to boot, I see an image of a woman giving me a thumb’s up sign. I don’t know who she is or how this image appears or how to delete it.

Once my phone finishes booting, I get the general screen with icons, Google, Play Store, Moto, Duo, the date and time.

Bill Johnson


Try booting the phone in Safe mode and see if the same thing happens.


I don’t see the image when I boot in Safe Mode.



After opening my phone in Safe Mode and not seeing that photo,
I’ve powered my phone off twice and rebooted it. Didn’t see the
photo either time.

  I went online and found out others have had the same problem,

possibly something being downloaded off Facebook. I don’t think
that happened with me; I’m not big on Facebook.

I’m baffled.


Then an app is changing the boot splash, remove any recent apps you have installed and see if the problem stops.