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Hoping to see new data plans in the future. For the bare bones (1 gig) plans, Republic Crushes the competition…BUT…You need to compete with regards to the larger data plans. I just canceled two of four Republic lines due to Boost/Walmart having a killer deal on unlimited data plans using the Sprint system. Purchased two iPhone 6’s for $199 each and Family plan for two, unlimited high speed data, $70/month with auto pay. My wife and I don’t use much data, so Republic is still the way to go. The kids however, WANT THE DATA! Boost plan for family of four…total monthly would only be $120 for unlimited 4g! I want to support Republic but you need to stay competitive. Regards, Dave.

In my opinion, Republic never was about the customers that wanted to use larger amounts of data. There original mantra was always WiFi first. While that mantra might not be as front and center as it used to be, Republic in my opinion won’t be able to compete with the family plans that the users want unlimited data. They are buying the access from the cell network that you are on and reselling it. That means you can get better deals for unlimited plans, but I would agree that the 1 GB plan can’t be beat for $20. That is what I have and thoroughly enjoying telling people that I pay $20 a month for cell service.


I was with Boost for a year…good Sprint coverage, but with ALL Sprint MVNO’s, except Republic, of course, calling customer service, problem solving, was nightmarish. Unlimited Data is great, but that one customer service call, you may have to make, really hurts…really

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It’s nice to give kids what they want over what they need, but retirement will come sooner then you can believe.

I’m a firm believer in spending money on things that will give me long term great memories. Personally, I don’t see where spending extra money on unlimited data is going to provide me with some long term great memory.

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