Unlimited Home Phone Service added to Republic Wireless Cell Phone Plans at No Extra Cost

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Here at Republic Wireless, we’ve created a new innovative spin on an old school product that just might be right for these times. With our new Extend Home service, your mobile number extends to home phones at no additional monthly cost. Yes, Republic members will get free monthly home phone service bundled into their My Choice plan. We are bringing back the home phone and a lot of benefits you may have forgotten or never known. Remember the home phone? Most Americans have cut that cord by now. Less than 40% of US households currently have home phone service, and…


Two clarifications needed.

  1. Do you need a $49 box and a network cable for EACH home phone or will your entire old home phone system work off one box?

  2. Can you show a cable and wiring diagram? As described, I have an extra cable or not enough holes.

Hi @HBoyter,
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You can use only one Extend Home adapter per My Choice cell phone number that you want to have ring to a traditional household handset.

If you want multiple handsets to ring, there are two ways to accomplish this. Either
Use a cordless telephone “set” that has one base unit and multiple handsets
If you don’t currently have service that uses the traditional wall jacks wired in your home, you can plug the Extend Home adapter into a wall jack, then plug a telephone handset into other wall jacks throughout the house.

There are only three jacks on the Extend Home adapter. One connects the adapter to your router with an ethernet cable. One accepts the phone line cord to connect to the telephone handset. The third is for the power supply.

A little confused here…this home phone plan is first described as being at no extra cost, yet farther down says $15 per month…please to explain…

Hi @reillyr.h2loo8,

Extend Home is a free add-on service available to My Choice members. The My Choice plan for your cellular service starts at $15 a month. There is no additional monthly charge for the Extend Home service.

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So to be clear as mud, plug the box into power, a router, and a home phone jack (but not a phone). Then all the other home phones plugged into a home phone jacks will ring when that cell number is called. If true, that is not clear in the descriptions. I guess my PhD was for naught.

Hi @HBoyter,

I’m certain you can find some other use for the Ph.D. :wink:

Set-up instructions are linked below, and include the option to connect using the wired jacks in the home. It’s just one option. The other option is to connect it directly to a phone.

Please let me know where you found the description confusing, and we’ll look into clarifying it.

When making and receiving calls using the handset, would calls go over WiFi then? Could the calls handover like they do on my cell phone if I go out of WiFi range?

Hi @amandan.xvudns,

Because the Extend Home adapter is wired with an ethernet cable to your router, calls use the internet, but not WiFi, which is wireless. The call quality is surprisingly clear and as reliable as your internet service.

Since the adapter is also wired to the telephone handset, there’s no way to go out of range, unless you’re using a wireless handset and it goes out of range of the base unit. Then the phone would behave the same way it would if it were receiving phone service from the local phone company.

There is no cellular functionality with Extend Home, so there is no handover.

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any wired phone recommendations that have a dedicated RJ9 port for a headset? They are out there but I am only seeing very cheapy type phones getting very mixed reviews.

Steve, Let me check some options that have been tested by the team and get back to you. We have have seen compatibility with Vtechs and Panasonics, but I want to check model numbers to be sure.

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@stevek I have checked the Vtech and Panasonic phones that we have tested at Republic, and, unfortunately, they do not have an RJ9 port for a headset. That said, this was frankly a very limited range of home phones.

Can anyone else in the Community with Extend Home recommend a handset that works with an RJ9 port?

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