Unlimited Hot spot and Inflight WiFi



saw this (and I’m trying it out) and wondered if RW could do something along this lines.

It auto logs you into hot spots with out passwords and allows wifi on Delta and American which is the big draw for me!!


Seems like you can get it from USMobile without needing a cell plan.


you can. I signed up for the $10 wifi and so far it works great.

Im inquiring if RW has or could develop something similar or go in with iPass…


What would their value proposition be. There’s already $10 offer in the market. Trying to undercut it doesn’t make sense. What would justify the cost of trying to develop such an offering? What would it get them in the market?


customers/revenue and additional resource in wifi adaption.

currently when ever I hook up to wifi there is always a few extra steps to take even though I have “extra help” selected in the RW app. the iPass app has been seemless so far…

Why are you debating this?? you an RW exec or Venture Capitalist?!?!


I’m a customer like you. You’re suggesting something, I’m disagreeing. Seems like we’re each allowed our own positions. Given the limited resources Republic has, I really don’t want them spending time trying to replicate something that’s already in the market, at a reasonable price. I’d like them to spend their time enhancing their product with unique features, fixing the bugs, etc etc.


If one thinks about it, Republic’s premise regarding WiFi has been use of WiFi someone else is already paying for to reduce costs not supplying WiFi itself. Someone else might be you (home network), an employer (work network) or other third party (public WiFi hotspot). iPass seems to focus on airlines but others (Boingo for example) are in the market as well.

I don’t think @louisdi intends to be argumentative just playing devil’s advocate. Could Republic enter into a partnership with iPass, Boingo etc., certainly. Would it make business sense, maybe maybe not?

Additionally, this subject seems to be more a matter of opinion rather than one where a definitive answer will be given here, so, hopefully, you won’t mind if I move it to General Discussions.


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